All New Tata Nexon 2023 - Photo Highlights

By Aquib Nawab

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Bearing little resemblance to its predecessor, the Nexon's exterior has been artistically and thoroughly reimagined for 2023.

Transformed Exterior Aesthetics

Sporting a split headlamp design, it blends sleek LED DRLs with vertically stacked LED headlamps, crowned by a brand-new bumper.

The Futuristic Front Fascia

Spotlight on the unique Y-shaped LED taillights, beautifully connected by an LED strip, and complemented by a re-envisioned rear bumper.

Redefining Rear Elegance

The Nexon rolls out with its stunning 16-inch alloy wheels, artistically enhanced with a dual-tone finish and aerodynamic aero blades.

New Era of Alloy Wheels

Rooted in the legacy of its predecessor’s platform, the 2023 facelift introduces a significantly stiffer and enduring steel structure.

Foundation of Strength

Drawing inspiration from Tata Curvv EV, the Nexon unveils a refined 2-spoke steering wheel within its serene sanctuary

Reimagined Minimalist Interiors

Immerse in the 10.25-inch touchscreen experience, now enriched with wireless Apple Carplay & Android Auto connectivity.

State-of-the-art Infotainment

From a health-focused air purifier to a sunroof, 9-speaker JBL system, and intuitive wireless charging, Nexon promises a luxurious drive."

Experience Premium Add-ons

Experience the new dual-clutch automatic transmission with the turbopetrol variant, now paired with ergonomic paddle shifters.

Gear Up for 7-Speed Excellence

The 2023 facelift is not just a car; it’s a statement, a blend of tech innovation, design artistry, and unmatched performance.

Celebrate Nexon's New Era