A comparison of Tata Punch variants under Rs 10 lakh for those who want value for money

Tata Punch's best variant for buyers with a budget

What a budget-conscious buyer looks for

- Affordability - Fuel efficiency - Safety features - Brand perception - Resale value

Why Tata Punch is Popular

- Impressive safety features, even in base variants. - Provides all essential features.  - Fuel efficient. - Tata's brand name.

Tata Punch Variants

Tata Punch Creative

- Priced at INR 852,000 - Features include LCD touchscreen, power steering, alloy wheels, and rear AC vents - Overall mileage of 20.09 kmpl

Tata Punch Creative AMT

- Priced at INR 912,000 - Features same as Creative variant - Additional convenience of AMT

Tata Punch Accomplished AMT

- Priced at INR 830,000 - Has AMT - More affordable than Creative variant - Compromises with steel wheels

Tata Punch Accomplished AMT Dazzle

- Priced at INR 868,000 - Strikes a balance between Creative and Accomplished AMT variants - Has alloy wheels

Our Pick for the Best Tata Punch Variant

Tata Punch Creative is the top pick for the budget-conscious buyer. 

1. Tata Punch Creative 2. Tata Punch Creative AMT 3. Tata Punch Accomplished AMT Dazzle

How to Pick the Right Car for You

- The Creative variant leads in fuel economy.  - The Creative AMT offer the convenience of automatic transmission. - The Accomplished AMT Dazzle has larger alloy wheels at a slightly higher price.