Tata's Electric Revolution: 4 Exciting EVs in 8 Months

By Aquib Nawab

Electrifying a Mid-Size Favorite! Revealed with dual electric motors at the 2023 Auto Expo, offering all-wheel drive for superior performance and stability on any terrain.

Harrier EV

Striking split headlamps, full-width LED bar, enclosed grille. Expected 400-500 km range with 60 kWh battery. Unique V2L & V2V charging, a first among EV SUVs in the country!

Harrier EV Design

It's set to offer cleaner, improved driving, aligning design with ICE models and adding a 10-inch infotainment system, new steering wheel, and regenerative braking paddle shifters.

Nexon EV Facelift

Prime with 30.2 kWh battery for 312 km range, and Max with 40.5 kWh for a 453 km range, set to continue in the upcoming facelift.

Nexon EV Facelift Models

Electrifying the Micro-SUV! Expect an EV with familiar exterior but EV-specific upgrades, Ziptron tech, multiple battery options, drive modes, regen levels, and Z-Connect telematics.

Punch EV

Choose from a 24 kWh battery for a 315 km MIDC-certified range, or a smaller 19.2 kWh for 250 km. Enjoy features like leatherette seats, automatic climate control, and more!

Punch EV options

An innovative SUV Coupe with a coupe-like roofline and electric power. Recent renderings reveal striking LED Daytime Running Lamps, closed-off grilles, and unique EV design elements.

Curvv EV

Built on Tata's Gen-2 architecture and a modified Nexon X1 platform. Promises a 400 km range. It joins internal combustion counterparts, expanding Tata's lineup, although details remain limited.

Curvv EV Concept

Under Chairman N. Chandrasekaran, Tata Motors aims for a sustainable future. By 2030, 50% of Tata passenger vehicles and 65% of JLR vehicles will go green, shaping a sustainable automotive landscape.

Tata's Electric Vision