Timeless Restoration - Maruti SS80 Reborn

By Aquib Nawab

The Maruti SS80 stands as an iconic figure in Indian automotive history since its debut in 1983. This vintage gem continues to capture enthusiasts' hearts.


The car owner developed an affinity for classics and vintage cars. His deep passion was ignited when he encountered the Maruti SS80, which left an indelible mark on his heart.

The Enthusiast's Love Affair

The owner's encounter with a red Maruti SS80 set the wheels in motion. Determined to make it his own, the delivery day marked the commencement of his journey as a proud Maruti SS80 owner.

The Dream Becomes Reality

In the world of classic car restoration. Leveraging the expertise of Autostarke, the restoration project embraced the challenge of transforming any base car into the owner's dream vehicle.

Pursuit of Perfection

At the Autostarke workshop, where the car was stripped down to its bare metal. With meticulous attention to detail, the restoration work unfolded, breathing new life into the classic vehicle.

Journey to Restoration

Experienced a rebirth, emerging from bare metal into a showroom-worthy condition. The end result: a rejuvenated Maruti SS80, now affectionately named Hebe.

The Rebirth Process

Its significant impact on the Indian automotive landscape, debuted as an affordable and fuel-efficient vehicle in 1983. Its simple yet functional design resonated deeply with families across the nation.

The Iconic Maruti SS80

Charming exterior, the Maruti SS80 featured a 796cc, 3-cylinder, 4-stroke engine producing approximately 37 bhp. Its exceptional fuel economy played a pivotal role during an era of price sensitivity.

Engineering Marvel