Traffic Violations in India You Might Not Be Aware Of

By Aquib Nawab

Car Models

In India, blocking vehicles in parking lots is an offense, with a Rs. 100 fine if reported, often overlooked due to low penalties and underreporting.

Blocking Traffic

Not Having First Aid

In Chennai and Kolkata, failing to offer first aid in accidents can lead to Rs. 500 fine or 3 months jail; promotes vehicle first-aid kits.

Smoking in public places within Delhi and NCR, even when parked, can result in a fine of up to Rs. 100, promoting smoke-free zones and driver safety.

Smoking in a Car

In Chennai, borrowing a friend's vehicle requires owner notification. Driving without consent can lead to 3 months jail or Rs. 500 fine, curbing potential car theft.

Borrowing a Car

Installing video devices on Mumbai's dashboard is illegal, fines up to Rs. 100. Aims to prevent distractions and accidents from video playback while driving.

Installing a TV

Mumbai penalizes idling cars: up to Rs. 100 fine. Promotes fuel savings and environmental conservation by encouraging engine shutdown when idle.

Leaving Car on Idle

Offering a lift to strangers is a serious offense in India, risking vehicle confiscation as an unauthorized taxi. A rule to prevent theft and misuse.

Giving Lift to Strangers