Tucson SUV: First Hyundai to Face Bharat NCAP Crash Test

By Aquib Nawab

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Hyundai's flagship Tucson SUV is poised to elevate safety standards with standard six airbags and top-spec ADAS, vital for superior crash test ratings.

Tucson: Flagship SUV

Safety Features of Tucson

The Tucson prioritizes passenger safety with six standard airbags and further enhances road safety with top-spec ADAS, promoting overall safety on the road.

In 2021 and 2022, Euro NCAP and Latin NCAP tests showcased the Tucson's safety prowess, earning it a 5-star Euro NCAP and 3-star Latin NCAP rating. Both organizations praised its stable body shell and footwell safety with standard six airbags.

Previous Safety Ratings

India-Spec Tucson

Hyundai aims for a full 5-star rating from Bharat NCAP for the India-spec Tucson. This commitment is noteworthy, as their models previously achieved no more than 3 stars under Global NCAP, until the Verna achieved a 5-star rating.

Following Tucson's crash test, Exter, another Hyundai model, undergoes testing. It includes essential safety features, except ESC, showcasing Hyundai's commitment to elevated car safety standards.

Upcoming Tests and Models

Bharat NCAP protocol, initially set for October 1, delayed due to supply constraints. Crash tests likely in mid-December, results expected by year-end. Hyundai's proactive safety approach aligns with growing car safety awareness in India.

Bharat NCAP Protocol