TVS Motors' Forgotten Motorcycles: From Samurai to Jive

By Aquib Nawab

Motorcycle Models

Introduced in 1994 in partnership with TVS, was marketed as the "no problem!" bike. It featured a 98.2cc, 2-stroke engine with 7.5 bhp max power and 9.8 Nm peak torque.

Suzuki Samurai

TVS Phoenix

Sleek motorcycle with digital display, alloy wheels, tubeless tires, and petal disc brake. Packs 125cc engine, 10.5 bhp power, and 10.8 Nm torque.

Rivaling the popular Yamaha 100 in India, the TVS-Suzuki collaboration features a 108cc, high-performance, two-stroke engine, delivering 14 bhp max power.

Suzuki Shogun

TVS Jive

An innovative motorcycle with semi-automatic transmission, no clutch lever, but struggled in India. Equipped with a 109.7cc engine, 8 bhp power, and 8 Nm torque.

An early collaboration product, a commuter bike with a 100cc, 2-stroke, air-cooled engine, delivering 8.25 bhp power and 9.6 Nm torque, mated to a 4-speed gearbox.

IND-Suzuki AX100R

After Shogun and Samurai success, the joint venture launched the Shaolin, with a robust 138.2cc, two-stroke engine pushing 11.5 bhp power and 12.3 Nm torque, setting new standards.

TVS Suzuki Shaolin

2003's TVS Victor GL, a hit motorcycle with attractive design. Equipped with a 109cc, 4-stroke engine, delivering 8 bhp power and 8 Nm torque.

TVS Victor GL

The TVS-Suzuki Supra was a sportier version of the AX100R, featuring bold body graphics and a more powerful 98.2cc, 2-stroke engine with 9.2 bhp max power and 9.6 Nm peak torque.

TVS-Suzuki Supra

TVS Fiero, not for all in design but loved for its great handling. TVS's early 150cc offering, with a 147.5cc engine, 11.8 bhp power, and 10.5 Nm torque, arrived in 2005.

TVS Fiero

TVS continued the Fiero success with the Fiero F2, featuring cosmetic and mechanical upgrades. The engine now delivers 12 bhp power and 11.3 Nm torque.

TVS Fiero F2

TVS unveiled Fiero FX, a retro bike challenging Bajaj Pulsar. Unique with chrome cluster, round lamp, chrome mirrors.

TVS Fiero FX

TVS Centra, touted as fuel-efficient at 68 kmpl, featured a 99.8cc, 4-stroke engine 7.5 bhp max power and 7.5 Nm peak torque. Limited success in India.

TVS Centra

The TVS Max was a commuter motorcycle featuring a humble 109.7cc, 4-stroke engine. Notably, some variants included a unique feature – a mobile charger.