In a recent interview, Virat Kohli talked about the cars he has owned in his life, from his first SUV to sportscars to current cars

Virat Kohli has now been the brand ambassador for Audi for quite a while, and is often gifted new cars and SUVs launched by Audi in India.


A Tata Safari was the first car Virat Kohli bought for himself. He said that the car had such street presence, that other vehicles would give way to it - and this was what mattered to him then!

Kohli's first car? A Tata Safari

This pic of Kohli with his Audi R8 went viral, and the car itself gained quite a lot of popularity once he bought it. The R8 is called an everyday supercar, as it is quite comfortable in city traffic.

Kohli with his Audi R8

The Audi R8 was later sold off, and after a few years it was discovered abandoned in this condition. How it happened, and who abandoned it etc are unknown.

Sold, and ended up like this!

Virat Kohli said that sportscars fascinated him earlier, but now what he considers as more important are space and comfort.

Kohli: My priorities have changed after marriage!

Now he owns a Porsche Panamera Turbo, a Bentley Coninental GT and a Continental Flying Spur. He is often seen using his wife Anushka Sharma's range Rover in Mumbai.

Virat Kohli's current cars