By: Aquib Nawab

What's New in 2024 Maruti Suzuki Swift's ADAS?


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1. Dual Sensor Brake Support

This feature uses a camera and laser sensor to detect vehicles and pedestrians, offering alerts, braking assistance, and automatic braking for enhanced safety, especially on highways.

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2. Adaptive Cruise Control

The 2024 Swift features Adaptive Cruise Control that monitors the vehicle ahead and adjusts speed for safety, providing smooth acceleration and deceleration during turns and lane changes.

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3. Driver Monitoring System

The Swift has a Driver Monitoring System with a camera in the infotainment system. It tracks the driver's face and checks for signs of drowsiness or distraction, triggering real-time alerts for safety.

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4. Adaptive High Beam Assist

The 2024 Swift features Adaptive High Beam Assist, which enhances visibility by automatically adjusting the headlights between high and low beams using radar and a camera to reduce glare for the vehicle in front.

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5. Lane Keep Supporting Function

The Lane Keep Supporting Function works with adaptive cruise control to automatically steer the vehicle in its lane based on driving trajectory, intervening to assist steering if deviation is likely.

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6. Road Sign Recognition Function

The 2024 Swift features Road Sign Recognition, displaying detected signs on the multi-information display and alerting the driver with a buzzer for no-entry and red light situations, enhancing safety.

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7. Additional Safety Features

The 2024 Swift also includes safety features like a blind spot monitor, rear cross-traffic alert, a 360-degree camera system, and engine output reduction during gear shifts to prevent collisions.

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8. India Launch

Maruti Suzuki plans to release the 2024 Swift in India next year, with uncertain advanced features. It will compete with Hyundai Grand i10 NIOS and Tata Punch, possibly starting at Rs 5.99 lakh.

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