Yamaha RX100, the legend: Ads from the 80s & 90s

Yamaha RX100, the legend: Ads from the 80s & 90s

This is the singular advertisment that everyone remembers the Yamaha RX100 by! No rider, no girl - just the motorcycle, standing still against a backdrop. And that was enough!

The most iconic RX100 ad

And then the second most popular one

The RX100 ads were so popular, people cut them out of auto magazines and newspaper ads and put them up as posters in their rooms.

The most in-demand colour was red

Probably due to these 3 advertisements  which showed it in red. Or maybe not. The Yamaha RX100 looked great in its metallic red paint anyway.

The blue RX100 was the second most popular colour

Grey and black coloured ones were also visible on the road in the late 80s and 90s - but red ruled! Yamaha RX100 ads were in a league fo their own - very reminiscent of the advertisements for the Yamaha RD350, no?

Yamaha RX100: Still a favourite

Enthusiasts still acquire used RX100s and restore them. For a while, restomods were all the rage. Now, though, we are seeing more stock restorations.

The famous Sunil Gawaskar ad for the RX100

This was probably the only time a celebrity appeared in an RX100 advertisement. Yamaha RX100 was the pocket rocket of the 80s and 90s. Small, lightweight and quick to accelerate. Not a great bike when you hit 80 kmph though, as the light weight made it unstable.

Yamaha RX100 colours

The image shows 3 colours, though there was a black colour too, and later even a brown. Perhaps those colours were introduced by Yamaha in the later years.

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