Yamaha RD350 advertisements and images from the 80s & 90s

Yamaha RD350 advertisements and images from the 80s & 90s

The Yamaha 350 sweet couple advertisement!

No, this this advertisement did not go with the brand image of the Yamaha RD 350 at all! But 80s kids remember it, for sure.

The Yamaha 350 is still in demand 

The Yamaha RD250 motorcycle now sells for lakhs in the used motorcycle market. Owning one is hot exactly cheap, with maintenance and repairs costing quite a bit.

Celebrity fans of the Yamaha RD350 include actor John Abraham and former Inda cricket captain MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni's pictures and videos with his Yamaha RD350 often go viral. Recently, he was caught struggling to start his RD350.

This print ad for the yamaha 350 motorcycle too did not have a long run. The ad appeared in magazines like India Today, and Automobile mags of those days like the Car & Bike International and Indian Auto

The most popular Yamaha RD350 ad

Hot motorcycle, engine, formal trousers and shoes and an evening gown. What more does a motorcycle enthusiast need! This is the image that the bike was known by.

This RD350 advertisment looks tame, but isn't!

Gentle nudge wakes it up, sleeping giant, 'rev conter', brute of a machine - the text abounds with the cliches of today but those lines were definitely not cheesy in the 80s, no sir!

This trip through memory lane ends here

We hope you enjoyed that - whether you are a jaded GenXer, or a GenZ kid. The Yamaha 350 was one of a kind - and will always remain a dream motorcycle.