Weird & Wacky Mahindra Scorpio SUVs of India

Weird & Wacky Mahindra Scorpio SUVs of India

The Mahindra Scorpio SUV has built up a cult around it. It’s design though, has always been in love-it-or-hate-it territory, right from the time when the first Scorpio was launched way back in 2002. The SUV has seen three generations since then, and the haters hate it more while lovers simply can’t have enough of it. It’s a mega hit this one, as far as sales go. While we’ve seen some tastefully modified Scorpios on Indian roads, there have been a fair share of weird and wacky ones. Here are five such examples.

Mahindra Scorpio Dark Horse

Mahindra Scorpio Dark Horse 1

[Images courtesy Deepak.Bandekar]

The Scorpio Dark Horse is one of the better looking Scorpios to come out of the automaker’s in-house customization division. The matte grey paint finish adds menace to the looks, and the mesh grille squares off the front end. The design begins to fall apart at the rear though, where the custom Scorpio seems to be truncated very suddenly. The rear roof section has been chopped off to make away for a loading bed, a highlight that this custom vehicle could have done well without.

Scorpio Extreme

Mahindra Scorpio Extreme 3

The Scorpio Extreme from Mahindra Customization is a decent looking custom job until you reach the rear end. It’s here that the design begins to unravel, trying to play pick up truck with little utility and for that matter success. The design is truncated abruptly and this is what messes things up. Other bits are fine as the custom vehicle builders have been careful not to tamper with the front end. The same design on the Scorpio Getaway would have been a better bet as the loading bed is long enough to make the vehicle look proportionate.

Mahindra Scorpio Platoon

Mahindra Scorpio Platoon

The Platoon is a pretender. What’s that winch doing on behind a bumper that’s all set to fall off at the first obstacle off the road? Bling and chrome. That’s what this custom job from Mahindra Customization is all about. It’s overdone in many places. The headlamps, front bumper, the cladding and even the rear, with four exhaust tips jutting out. One for each cylinder, could be the refrain. Like the Dark Horse and the Extreme, the Platoon custom sees the rear roof section being chopped up for a pick up truck look and stance.

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Mahindra Scorpio Platoon 2

Mahindra Scorpio KitUp

Mahindra Scorpio KitUp 1

KitUp from Coimbatore make body kits for a wide range of cars. Here’s a wacky front grille for the Scorpio, giving it a very toothy look indeed. After the KitUp treatment, the Scorpio will indeed need some heavy duty dentistry. At the rear though, the design shows some restraint by only finishing the tail lamp cluster in satin, and leaving other things untouched. On the inside. KitUp has given this custom Scorpio plenty of creature comforts.  From wireless internet to a fax machine, the leather clad innard of this custom SUV has it all.

Mahindra Scorpio Special Edition from Anant Cars

Mahindra Scorpio Special Edition 3

[Images courtesy Team-BHP]

A Bangalore-based Mahindra dealership offers a customization option for the new Scorpio, with the only caveat being that it’s BMW inspired. Twin chrome meshed kidneys appear up front, replacing the original grille of the Scorpio. The hood and rocker panels are plastered with contrast decals. The roof gets a contrast paint job while the rear is left alone, given that Mahindra designers have already managed to make the SUV looks quite clownish.