Well maintained, used Toyota Fortuner selling for Rs. 7.95 lakh [Video]

Toyota Fortuner has remained the king of the segment for a long time in the Indian market. The Fortuner and Innova are known for their extremely reliable engine and a high resale value in the used car market. Here is a Toyota Fortuner 4X4 that is for sale and the asking price is only Rs 7.95 lakh, making it cheaper than all the sub-4m compact SUVs.

This is the 2011 model of the Toyota Fortuner and the car belongs to the third owner. The video shows the car from the outside and there are no major dents or scratches on the body. However, the rear bumper has a few minor scratches and that’s because the car is in the original condition. The video shows that the body looks like in great condition and even the paint quality looks extremely good.

According to the odometer reading, the car has completed a total of 2.61 lakh km! Yes, this is one of the most driven Fortuners in India but since it is powered by the highly reliable D4D engine, there is no doubt that it can gulp many more miles without any problem. The D4D engine also powers the Toyota Innova and there are numerous models that have crossed more than 5 lakh km and are still running strong without any problems. There are even a few owners of the Innova, who have crossed 10 lakh km on the odometer, which is something that you do not get to see with cars from any other brand commonly.

Nonetheless, it gets powered by a 3.0-litre diesel engine and gets a manual transmission. The also comes with the permanent 4WD system that ensures optimal traction from the roads in any kind of condition. It also gets the low-ratio transfer case, which is quite useful when stuck in tricky situations. Since it gets a manual transmission, you get to have more control over the gear changes and that’s what makes it more fun to drive, especially on the off-roading sections.

Well maintained, used Toyota Fortuner selling for Rs. 7.95 lakh [Video]

It is not known if the service records are available for this car. The seller has mentioned that the NOC is available and the SUV can be registered in any other state or union territory in India. In Delhi-NCR, diesel cars that are older than 10 years are now allowed on the public roads, which is why this vehicle is getting sold. For more information and details, you can contact the seller directly.