What Americans are saying about the Honda NAVi based on the Activa [Video]

Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India discontinued the Navi when it was time for BS6 emission norms to kick in. However, the scooter is still on sale in the US market. Here, we have a video by Motorcyclist Magazine that reviews the Honda Navi on video.

The host tells that Navi is the fifth addition to Honda’s lineup in US’s market. It is a part scooter, part motorcycle and it sells for around $1800. It is aimed towards people who will only be using it for urban duties, for getting somewhere that is close to their house or around the town.

What Americans are saying about the Honda NAVi based on the Activa [Video]

The host says that he is impressed with the torque as the scooter gets off the line fairly quickly. The gearbox is smooth there is no jerkiness which is expected out of a CVT transmission. The engine is also quite smooth for the most part, there is a hint of vibrations on the handlebar and footpegs.

The brakes do not lock up because they do not have enough stopping power and the rider would have to use a lot of pressure to slow down the scooter. The host says that the Navi would return over 100 miles per gallon of fuel economy. So, it is quite economical. The fuel tank capacity is 0.9 gallons or 3.5-litres.

Honda gives a storage box located below the fuel tank. The host says that the box is of a pretty good size so you can store in quite a few items. Moreover, it is lockable. The scooter comes with a side stand and a centre stand. He also likes the ride quality of Navi. The host is 6 feet tall and weighs 86 kgs and he is comfortable on the scooter. Navi comes with a one-piece seat which has a lot of room to move around.

The rearview mirrors do a nice job of showing what is behind. The vibrations are well contained on the rearview mirrors. The host was able to hit a top speed of 50 miles per hour, which is around 80 kilometres per hour. Then the host starts climbing a slight incline and the engine has enough amount of low-end torque to climb the hilly road. On a downhill, the scooter hit 55 mph or 88 kmph. Overall, he thinks the scooter is quite good because it is affordable and running costs are also low. It can be used in cities quite comfortably.

Navi is powered by a 109 cc, single overhead cam engine that is air-cooled. The engine produces a max power output of 8.03 PS and a peak torque output of 8.94 Nm. The engine is mated to a CVT automatic gearbox. This is the same engine that does duty on the Honda Activa. Navi still does not get a fuel injection. Instead, it comes with a carburettor.

Suspension duties are done by 26.8 mm telescopic front forks and a single shock absorber at the rear. Braking duties are handled by a drum at the front as well as rear. It does come with Combi braking system. The front-wheel measures 12-inches while the rear one measures 10 inches in size.