What an actual battle tank looks like on an Indian road [Video]

An Army tank rolling through the roads is actually not a common sight. If you are person who was living in a cantonment area then things are different. Majority of people might not have seen an actual Army tank roll through the road. Here we have a video where such tanks are a common sight are usually seen on the road.

The video has been shared by automobiliardent on Instagram. The video shows a tank rolling on the road but, surprisingly people on the road or sitting in front of the shops are not actually shocked to see this. The biker who was riding next to the tank overtakes the tank after the speed breaker and does not turn even once to look at the tank. Instead he was looking at the cow which was in front of the tank. He was focusing more on the cow so that it does not come in front of his motorcycle.

The video is from a town called Avadi. This is a town located in western part of Chennai city, Tamil Nadu. The main reason why everyone was acting normal even after seeing a huge war machine on the road is because a manufacturing arm of the tank production facility is located in the city. You won’t find a tank rolling on public road except this.

What an actual battle tank looks like on an Indian road [Video]

If you would look carefully at the video, you would notice that the motorcycle rider was riding on  tarmac but, the side through which the tank was being driven had lot of dust. The concerned authorities have built a special track for the tanks. They have paved stones on the track which is used by the tanks usually. The facility in this area uses this track to test the tanks on a regular basis. The test track even passes through a residential area. Unlike normal cars or other army vehicles, the tank have caterpillar track which would easily damage the road during the tests.

The caterpillar tracks on the tank are built to move through any type of rough surface. These tracks are so capable that the heavy tanks can be driven through mildly swampy and sand dune. Coming back to the tank, the one seen here in the video is a T-72 MBT or Main Battle Tank. The version used by Indian Army is known as Ajeya. These tanks are however built and sold by Russia originally as T- MBT.

What an actual battle tank looks like on an Indian road [Video]

India has several T-72 MB Tanks. We started purchasing the tanks way back in 1978 when Russia was a part of USSR. The production of these tanks were undertaken by Heavy Vehicles Factory located in Avadi in India. For people living in Avadi it is a common sight to see a tank on the road it would pass through the track while it goes from the  Engine Factory of the Heavy Vehicles Factory (HVF) and the trial ground of the Directorate General of Quality Assurance (DGQA). The distance between these two places is almost 5 kms and that is why they built a track between these spots.