What Does Malayalam Movie Star Mohanlal Drive?

Snapshot – Mohanlal is a critically acclaimed actor from Mollywood, or the Malayalam film industry. This veteran actor is known for the meaty roles he has portrayed in a variety of languages. He’s also a consummate businessman with interests ranging from gold retail to hospitality. When it comes to cars though, we’re not talking about a Mammootty or even a Prithviraj here. Mohanlal likes to keep his garage function, with allowances only for a couple of luxury vehicles. Today, we take a look at the cars that Mohanlal drives and also a unique vehicle that has been recently inducted into this movie star’s fleet.

W221 Mercedes Benz S-Class

What Does Malayalam Movie Star Mohanlal Drive?

Mohanlal owns the previous generation W221 Mercedes Benz S-Class, a very popular car among the rich. The S-Class, with its air suspension, is known for its carpet-like air quality and Mohanlal is frequently spotted in this car’s back seat. The S-Class that Mohanlal owns is a diesel powered version, indicating that heavy usage is what this luxury saloon has been bought for. The S350 CDI variant of the S-Class featured a 3 liter V6 turbo diesel engine and used to retail for about 85 lakh rupees.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

What Does Malayalam Movie Star Mohanlal Drive?

The number nine is what actor Mohanlal favours on all his cars, including the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport that he now owns. The Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is a 7 seat luxury SUV that is a no-nonsense machine meant to take the rough with the smooth. The SUV is powered by a 2.5 liter turbo diesel engine (175 Bhp-400 Nm) and gets a four wheel drive transfer case. In fact, this SUV is the second Mitsubishi Pajero owned by Mohanlal. His previous SUV was the Pajero SFX, which has since been sold.

Mercedes Benz GL350 CDI

What Does Malayalam Movie Star Mohanlal Drive?

The Mercedes Benz GL350 CDI is the most expensive car in the Mohanlal fleet. This massive luxury SUV seats seven adults and is propelled by a 3 liter, V6 turbo diesel engine, which is similar to the one on the W221 S-Class luxury saloon that also occupies the actor’s garage. Notably, the GL-Class is known as the S-Class among SUVs, in keeping with the kind of luxury it offers its occupants. Currently, the GL-Class is also the range topping vehicle in Mercedes Benz’s SUV portfolio.

Toyota Innova

Even the super rich feel at home in the Toyota Innova, which is often seen in celebrity garages as an errand vehicle. That the Innova has struck a chord in Mohanlal’s heart is evident. The actor owns not one, but two Toyota Innova MPVs. The Innova is known for its superb reliability, comfortable ride and fuss free demeanour, making it a favourite for those who seek a hassle free set of wheels. Even the Innova in Mohanlal’s fleet features the star’s signature registration plate dominated by 9.

Caravan from Ojes Coach

What Does Malayalam Movie Star Mohanlal Drive?


Mohanlal’s new acquisition is not a car, but a caravan, which he calls the “Creation Vehicle”. The caravan has been built by Ojes Coach of Kerala. It features a long list of equipment and a comfortable living area. In terms of equipment, here’s what the air conditioned caravan has to offer – a massage chair, a music system satellite television, a refrigerator, a microwave oven and a vacuum toilet. Here’s a video of Mohanlal’s caravan that shows the features on offer.