What happens if you get locked out of a Kia Seltos [Video]

Leaving the key inside the car and getting locked out was a very common mistake that car owners used to make earlier. But with the introduction of keyless entry and key fob’s things things started improving as most of the time driver does not actually use the key to start or unlock the car (high end cars). Here we have a video where the key fob was actually left inside the car and it got locked. How did the car actually unlock, let’s find out.

The video has been uploaded by Being Banarasi on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger explain what actually happened. The Kia Seltos seen in the video is an HTX Plus Anniversary edition model. The owner of this SUV had dropped the Seltos at Kia service centre for regular servicing.

The car serviced and cleaned by the service personnel and during this time, the key fob of the car was accidently left inside the car. The staff at the service station did not realise the mistake until a Kia Sonet that was parked in front of the Seltos was ready to be moved. The staff started looking for the key fob of Seltos to move the SUV and make way for the Sonet. After searching for some time, they realised that the key is left inside the car and the car somehow got locked.

Many of the employees, staffs and engineers at the service centre tried getting the car unlocked. One of them even tried unlocking the bonnet and access the lock to unlock but, it was all in vain. As this was the top-end variant of Seltos, it came with Kia’s UVO connected car feature. Using this feature, the owner can lock or unlock the car using his smartphone.

What happens if you get locked out of a Kia Seltos [Video]

The owner was not present at the service centre when the incident happened. He was then brought to the service station and he tried unlocking the car using his phone but, due to some software update, the connected car feature in the Seltos was not working. The spare key which is normally offered with Kia Seltos was kept almost 110 kms away from the dealership.

The senior staff at the service centre then consulted with the owner and came up with a solution. They decided to break the glass but, now the question was which one. The driver side window glass costs around Rs 1,000 and the window glass for the rear seat passenger costs around Rs 700. They decided to break the rear seat window to access the cabin.

The staff started hitting the glass using an chisel and after hitting on the SUV multiple times, the car glass finally shattered and the car was unlocked. The shattered glass was then removed from the cabin using a vacuum cleaner the plastic trim on the door was also removed to get the shattered glass out inside the door. A rear window glass was then brought and installed on the car. It is however not mentioned whether owner was charged for the replaced window as it was not his fault.