What happens when a car is buried?

Internet is now an integral part of our lives. Internet is now being used as a source of information entertainment and revenue generation. YouTube videos are quite common and many of them have even have taken YouTube vlogging as a profession. There are several vloggers available online who regularly come up with videos from different categories. Here we have a video from a YouTube channel where a vlogger is seen burying an old Opel Corsa sedan as part of an experiment that he is conducting.

The video has been uploaded by MR. INDIAN HACKER on their YouTube channel. The video starts in an enclosed property with  backhoe loader or commonly known as JCB digging a hole in the ground. Vlogger mentions that they are digging a hole as part of an experiment which includes their Opel Corsa sedan which is being used by the vlogger and his friends for several experiments. The car seen here is not a daily drive vehicle but a property that they usually use for experiments.

Before moving to the experiment, vlogger mentions that they had driven the car in water earlier and the car survived that. It wasn’t starting when they brought it out but, after taking it to a nearby workshop, the car came back to life. Video shows that the car was in good condition when it was being buried. The exterior looks good and so does the interior. He even opens the bonnet and shows how things are under the hood.

What happens when a car is buried?

The hole was dug and it was deep enough to fit the car inside properly. Once the hole was dug, they brought in a crane to lift the car. Vlogger and his friends secure the car with a rope and then place it inside the newly dug hole. Once the car was placed in, they brought back the backhoe loader and buried the sedan under it.

Vlogger mentions that this was just the first part of his experiment and the second part will be done only after 6 months. The main motive of this experiment is to find out how much damage will happen to a car if it is buried under the soil 6 months. As there are several metal, plastic and fabric parts in the car, they will start decomposing over a period of time.

The vlogger just wanted to check how much will the car decompose in the next 6 months. The place where the car is buried is an open ground and the soil is exposed, heat, wind, rain and even the roots of some of the trees planted in the compound might run through the car. He also mentions that after he brings the Opel Corsa out of the ground after 6 months, he would check whether the engine is still in running condition or not. In short, from this experiment vlogger wants to find out the amount of damage that can happen to a car if it is buried underground for a period of six months and also wants check whether the car will still be in working condition.