What Happens When a Maruti Suzuki Ertiga Runs Over A Little Girl

It’s easy to maim a man for life. A little force on the back and the spine will break like a twig, rendering the man immobile for life. Now, imagine a car running over your back. Well, that’s all hell broken loose, right? Well, not always. Here’s proof, of what can only be termed as a miracle.

A little girl returning from school in Nashik was run over, yes run over by a Maruti Suzuki Ertiga. This incident happened right in front of the child’s distraught mother, whose frenetic waving did nothing to prevent the front wheel of the Ertiga going over her child’s back and then, the rear wheel did the same.

So, what happened here.

The mom let the little child wander in front of the Ertiga. The driver of the Ertiga, who was already distracted by a passenger getting in, probably failed to notice the small child, who was perhaps invisible from the driver’s seat. It helped that the Ertiga didn’t take off quickly and was just getting a move on even as the child came under its front wheel. Any faster and the result could have been much worse.

The Aftermath

Zoya Khan, the miracle baby who survived this ordeal was left with damaged lung, a lacerated liver and bruises over her body. Thankfully, she has survived and is recovering fast. The little girl is already at home, and mom Shireen Khan has chosen not to press charges against the driver of Ertiga, who is said to have borne the costs of the treatment.

The takeaways…

1. Motorists, be very careful while you drive around school zones. Check, and recheck. Keep speeds low.

2. Parents, for their part need to be more careful. Kids wandering onto roads means trouble, BIG trouble. Not everyone’s as lucky as Zoya.