What happens when a Suzuki Hayabusa goes to a crowded market [Video]

Suzuki Hayabusa is one of the most recognised superbikes in India thanks to the Bollywood. The popularity of Suzuki Hayabusa has increased so much that the brand now assembles the bikes in India to keep the cost low. Still, there are many who have only seen the bike on the silver screen or on the posters. How do they react when they see it for the first time in real life?

Jasminder Singh of JS Films took his Suzuki Hayabusa to a busy Delhi market and parked it there. The idea was to catch the reaction from the public. Many cameras were hidden around the bike and a few people shot the reactions from a zoom lens, far away from the bike. The video shows how people become excited and remain awe-struck on seeing the bike for the first time.

Suzuki Hayabusa is not a small bike. Being a touring bike, it gets huge proportions, which is bigger than most litre-class superbikes. Also, Hayabusa is easily recognisable and there is a big fan following for the bike. There are even enthusiasts who have converted their regular bikes to look like Hayabusa and gain attraction. We can now see why people invest money in transforming their bikes to Hayabusa. It just becomes an eye-magnet in the crowd and many inquisitive people want to come near it and touch it too.

This also shows how unsafe the superbikes in India can be. Expensive bikes is a target to such inquisitiveness in the public parking and many people come and try to sit on the bike to get a picture. Many bikes fall down because of this. Superbikes are super heavy and people fail to handle the weight when they get on it for the first time. Such bikes may attract a lot of eyes but it also becomes the problem.

The Suzuki Hayabusa is priced at Rs. 13.6 lakhs, ex-showroom in India. It draws power from an inline four-cylinder engine of 1,340cc capacity. The engine churns out a maximum of 197 Bhp and 155 Nm.


Shantonil Nag

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