What happens when you fit a Royal Enfield exhaust to a car? Here’s the answer

One thing that most vehicle owners want to do is install a custom exhaust that sounds more sporty and loud. Because of the noise restrictions, the rules do not allow the manufacturers to install a loud and free-flowing exhaust to the vehicle as it will increase air pollution also. Because of the various things like catalytic converters, mufflers, dB killers, resonators etc. the sound from the exhaust has become quite mellow. What also is not in favour are the stricter norms that came into play last year. Here is a video uploaded on YouTube by JRS Cars who has installed an after-market Royal Enfield exhaust on his Ford Ikon. This might be the first time that someone has tried to install a motorcycle silencer on a car.

The vlogger did not want to just balance the silencer at the end of the factory exhaust system. He wanted to entirely replace it which required cutting off the original exhaust that came from the factory on the Ford Ikon.

As per the vlogger, the process was not too complicated. He took the car to a welding works shop where the fabricator cut off the back box, and fabricated a connecting pipe which will weld directly to the Royal Enfield’s after-market exhaust. The vlogger also showcases a video of cold starting the Ikon before the new exhaust was installed. The vlogger had already removed the cat con and the resonator while it was still running on the stock back box.

From the video, we can hear that the Ikon does sound a bit different from the stock one. It has a bit more bass than the stock Ikon. Then the vlogger showcases the video of a cold start of the Ikon with the Royal Enfield’s exhaust. The sedan immediately feels more noisy, sporty and is definitely much louder even at idle. The vlogger had deleted cat con, resonator, back box and a Royal Enfield Reverse Cone Goldstar End Can.

What happens when you fit a Royal Enfield exhaust to a car? Here’s the answer


Earlier, the engine sounded loud and sporty only when you revved it so while driving you would need to push the engine to its higher rpms. However, now even when idling, the car is much louder. Vlogger bought the after-market exhaust from on the online pre-owned website and got it installed by a local welder. He bought the silencer for Rs. 1,100 and the fabrications costed him Rs. 1,800.

Having said that you should remember that running an exhaust like this might lower your back pressure and it will also decrease the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. But more importantly, it will definitely attract cops to your car. Remember, that there is a specified noise level that a vehicle can make. If the vehicle exceeds that limit then it will attract cops as the vehicle might be classified as illegal then.

This is the reason that you would see that some Royal Enfield motorcycles used to attract a lot of cops because owners were using an after-market exhaust that was not legal and produced a lot noise. However, now the manufacturer introduced their own exhausts that you can opt for as an accessory and they provide a rich rumble while being legal and not producing excessive noise. You can read more about them by clicking here.