What Hyundai Grand i10 owners think of the all-new 2018 Maruti Swift

What Hyundai Grand i10 owners think about the 2018 Maruti Suzuki Swift!

Maruti Suzuki recently unveiled the all-new Swift officially last week. The Swift competes directly with the Hyundai Grand i10 in India. Swift and the Grand i10 share the first and second place in the sales chart and there are many owners who consider buying the rival vehicle. Here is what Grand i10 owners think about the upcoming Maruti Swift that will be launched on 7th February.

Yadhubir Singh

I am happy with my Grand i10 but looking at the new Swift in pictures and reviews, the Grand does look sober and boring. That said, I am still happy that the Grand as it offers a better ride quality and better passenger space. Affordable AGS is surely missed in Hyundai cars and frankly, I am still looking forward to driving the new Swift once it’s in the showrooms next month.

Subhashish Aich

After looking at the Swift pictures, I felt that the Grand i10 looks a bit dull than the Swift. I miss the sporty part in the Grand i10. Performance wise, I am happy with the Grand i10 but looking at the reviews, it seems that the Swift will offer a better deal. I loved the new DRL projector headlamps of the Swift and the steering wheel too. I would love to see the car in flesh and give it a test drive whenever it is available in the showrooms.

Gaurav Aneja

When it comes to buying a hatchback under INR 8 lakh, the Maruti Suzuki Swift seems to be the winner among all with its overall package. However, the car being one of the oldest counterparts in its segment has lost the charm because of outdated features and new design. So, definitely, it wasn’t the Swift I was looking for. Therein, I looked at other options and found the Hyundai Grand i10 best buy for me. Now looking at the all-new Swift, it has become a lot more attractive and I would want to give it a try when it arrives in the showrooms. I love the new style of the Swift but a few missing features will keep me happy with my original decision.

Sreemoi Chowdhury

After being a loyal Maruti customer for a long time, we opted for the Grand i10 last year and I feel content with the decision. The Grand i10 gives me more space on the inside. Now that I have seen the new Swift in pictures, I feel that the dashboard of the Grand looks a bit dull for my liking. However, practical features like rear AC vent is much more useful for me than a fancy climate control display. I love the way new Swift looks and it will sync with the younger buyers more than the family buyers. For the love of driving, a hot hatch is awaited in this segment and if Maruti had introduced the more powerful Sports version of the vehicle, it could have become a heart-winning product among the young buyers.

Phillip K.L.

Grand i10 has always won when it comes to features and even with the new Swift in the block, the Hyundai scores higher. I love how the new Swift looks and after reading reviews, I understand that it has become sportier too. Power is something that I miss in my petrol Grand i10 and with the lighter platform, Maruti is becoming better at the game. I would love to take a test drive of the vehicle just to be sure and may book the vehicle too. The only problem is the long waiting period for the Maruti vehicles.


Hyundai Grand i10 owners seem impressed with the all-new Swift, but still vouch for the practicality of the Grand i10, especially the space and convenience features on offer in the Hyundai hatchback. Grand i10 owners want to test-drive the new Swift for a look and feel of what the hatchback is all about.