What India’s most expensive scooter – BMW C 400 GT – rides like on Indian roads [Video]

BMW Motorrad had recently launched the all-new C 400 GT maxi scooter in the Indian market. It is currently priced at Rs 9.95 lakh, ex-showroom. It is the most expensive scooter one can currently buy in India. A week ago we had done a story about the delivery a BMW C 400 GT scooter and here we have the same scooter once again but, this time around vlogger talks about how does it feel like riding India’s most expensive scooter on road.

The video has been uploaded by JS Films on their YouTube channel. The vlogger shares the experience of riding the BMW C 400 GT and also shares some features and things he did not like about the scooter in the video.

He starts by showing how the scooter looks on the outside. This is a maxi scooter and it does look like one. It looks huge and weighs over 200 kilograms. The vlogger shows LED headlamps and ring type LED DRLs at the front. He also shows the LED turn indicators that are integrated with the fairing.

The overall design of the scooter impressed the vlogger and he said more manufacturers should start bringing in maxi scooters. The front gets dual disc brakes and the rear gets single disc and in order to start the scooter you don’t have a physical key. BMW provides a key fob and you have to carry that with you all the time. Simply hope on to the scooter and press the start button to turn on the vehicle. It gets a fully digital instrument cluster which can be controlled using a rotary knob on the handle bar.

To start the vehicle one has to simply press the brake lever and press the self start button. Vlogger takes the scooter out on the busy streets on Mumbai and rides it for quite some time. He said the scooter feels very nimble and easy to handle even in busy traffic conditions. The response from the engine not breathtaking but has enough punch to it. The seating position was extremely comfortable on the scooter and the vlogger said that he didn’t wanted to get out of it.

What India’s most expensive scooter – BMW C 400 GT – rides like on Indian roads [Video]

The fuel lid is placed at the front and there are couple of storage spaces in the scooter as well. One of the feature that the vlogger mentioned about the scooter in the video is that the scooter won’t start if the rider has kept a helmet in the under seat storage and forgets to take it out while riding.

The scooter was definitely grabbing lot of attention as it is not a commonly seen model on our roads. He then talks about the things that he did not like about the scooter. He said, one has to pay around 10 lakh for a scooter but, still it does not have sporty exhaust note and comes with a single cylinder engine. He also said that the rear view mirrors on the scooter do not offer a clear view.

The C 400 GT comes with a 350 cc, single-cylinder engine with water cooling. The engine is capable of developing 34 Ps and 35 Nm of peak torque.