What makes Toyota Fortuner SUV such a SUPERHIT in India: 5 reasons

This immensely popular 7-seater SUV, now in its second-generation in India, has is one of the most popular Toyotas on sale in India. Second, only to the Innova Crysta in terms of popularity, the Fortuner has been a regular at outselling it’s much cheaper sibling, the Etios sedan. Each month, Toyota sells over 2,000 Fortuners, a level unheard of in the luxury SUV segment. So, what makes Toyota Fortuner such a blockbuster in India? Come, let’s take a look at all the factors.

What makes Toyota Fortuner SUV such a SUPERHIT in India: 5 reasons

Reliable, powerful, fuel-efficient Diesel engine

The latest-generation Toyota Fortuner gets its power from the new GD-series of engines. The new motors benefit from the company’s Associated ESTEC (Economy with Superior Thermal Efficient Combustion) technology. This helps it achieve a good mix of fuel efficiency and performance.

As per Toyota, the 2.8-liter engine is easily among the most thermally efficient motors ever made. The 2.8-litre engine of the Fortuner outputs a maximum power of 174.5 BHP along with a peak torque of 420 Nm. This is one of the biggest reasons for the popularity of the Fortuner.

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Automatic transmission and 4×4

The new Fortuner is available in many variants. These include variants with automatic transmission and 4×4, too. Moreover, unlike its chief rival, the Ford Endeavour, the Fortuner also offers a petrol engine option. With so many variants on offers, there’s a model to suit the fancy of every kind of car buyer. Those looking for a comfortable drive with a high refinement can opt for the petrol model. On the other hand, those wishing for a comfortable but sufficiently capable off-roader can go for the Diesel 4×4 models.

Easy to maintain

What makes Toyota Fortuner SUV such a SUPERHIT in India: 5 reasons

Another big reason for the popularity of the Fortuner is that it is pretty easy to maintain. As is the case with every Toyota product, the Fortuner demands a low maintenance and benefits from the company’s low cost of spares and service. The service intervals of the Fortuner are also high. Parts quality is top notch and the car seldom experiences any sort of. Also, the Fortuner benefits from an excellent service network that is spread throughout all major towns and cities of the country. Plus, the company is known for offering a high customer satisfaction. The highly reliable nature of this SUV, along with top-notch after-sales service, makes Fortuner a hit among many.

Brand image

Thanks to all of the above, the Fortuner has become a brand that’s almost worshipped in India. No wonder, then, that, the second-generation Fortuner is on its way to becoming a larger success than its predecessor, which was considerably cheaper and didn’t face any competition from excellent models like the new Ford Endeavour. Hence, the Fortuner has become the obvious choice of many premium car buyers.

What makes Toyota Fortuner SUV such a SUPERHIT in India: 5 reasons

Resale value

Again, all the above factors lead to a high resale value. Yes, the Fortuner has surely become costlier over all these years, but you get to recover a part of the premium you pay through the high resale value. The Fortuner is one of the only few cars on sale in India that saw a pretty marginal drop in their value even after a year of usage.

As per a report by CarWale, the value of a Fortuner drops to no more than 85% of the original value even after three years of usage. A new Fortuner costs anything between Rs 26 lakh to Rs 31 lakh (add a couple of lakhs more for registration, insurance, accessories, etc). You can easily find 1-2 years old Fortuners on sale in the used market for 90% of their initial value. Crazy, no?

What makes Toyota Fortuner SUV such a SUPERHIT in India: 5 reasons

So, what are your views on the Toyota Fortuner?