What South African journalists think about Mahindra Scorpio N [Video]

Mahindra launched its all-new product Scorpio N in India last year. Just like other Mahindra products, Scorpio N also received an overwhelming response, and it currently has a long waiting period too. Along with India, Mahindra is also selling the Scorpio in South Africa. Mahindra has been present in South Africa for almost 18 years and before Scorpio N, they also introduced the XUV700 in the country. We have seen several videos about Scorpio N from India. Here we have a review video that shows what a South African automotive journalist thinks about the new Mahindra Scorpio N.

The video has been uploaded by on their YouTube channel. In this video, the journalist takes the Scorpio N for a quick drive to see how it feels and what features it offers. The presenter starts by talking about other SUVs in the segment. He mentions that the all-new Mahindra Scorpio N competes with cars like the Toyota Fortuner, Ford Everest (Endeavour as we know it), and Isuzu MU-X in the segment. He mentions that the Scorpio N is a huge SUV and is taller and wider than a Toyota Fortuner. However, it is slightly shorter than the Toyota.

Mahindra is selling both the 2WD and 4×4 versions of the Scorpio in the South African market. The presenter was driving the 4×4 version. He mentions that Mahindra is not aiming at the hardcore 4×4 enthusiasts with this SUV. It is a suitable vehicle for those who like to go on road trips and need a vehicle that can handle rough roads easily. Mahindra is targeting lifestyle SUV buyers with this product. He drove the SUV through a broken road section to test it. After driving, he was extremely surprised and said that the suspension tuning, along with the thick side wall of the tires, helped in offering a comfortable ride.

What South African journalists think about Mahindra Scorpio N [Video]
Mahindra Scorpio N in South Africa

There were no squeaking or rattling noises in the cabin while driving through the rough road sections. The suspension is definitely tuned more for the road, and it feels too bouncy at times when driven on a rough road patch. The steering feedback of the Scorpio felt very good. He mentions that the steering felt very light at slow speeds and as the vehicle gains speed, it weighs up. At high speed, the steering is direct and gives the driver much-needed confidence.

He then talks about the features offered with the Scorpio N. The presenter is comparing the Scorpio N with the Toyota Fortuner. He says that Mahindra is offering features like dual-zone climate control, front parking camera, auto headlamps and wipers, electric sunroof, and many other features that are missing from the Fortuner. He complained about the boot space and the way the tailgate opens. He felt that it takes up more space than a regular one. The presenter also mentions that SUV manufacturers should come up with a way to incorporate a parcel tray for the last row when it is not in use.

He really liked the color combination of the interior and mentioned that the seats offer comfort and support to the driver. The anchor was impressed with the overall product and mentions that Mahindra is offering the Scorpio N at a cheaper price than any of its competitors. He ends by saying that the Mahindra Scorpio N is a good product and comes at a great price.