What truck drivers from India/Pakistan/Bangladesh earn from driving trucks in USA [Video]

In the past we have done several articles about Indian truck drivers in Canada. By now, we are all aware that, it is a high risk and high paying job. We have seen several videos on the internet that share how much a truck driver earns in a week. Some videos have also documented the trips that these drivers make. It is because of these reasons, why there is a large Indian population in America and Canada who are driving trucks as a profession. Here we have a video where a truck owner shares how the life of a truck driver in America looks like.

The video has been uploaded by RK’S IN AMERICA on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger talks to a Ali, from Pakistan who is settled in America. He has been driving trucks in America for a long time. When he reached America, he did couple of odd jobs like any other person. After some time, he completed his studies and then started working for a trucking company. He was a driver in a company and has done several trips. Getting a license for driving a truck is also has a different procedure.

The person must have a driving license that is valid in America. Once he has that, he can get in touch with several driving schools nearby who would prepare them for the driving test. The driver should also be aware about the rules and regulations of trucking in the country as there is a separate test for it. The driving schools or institutes teach them how reverse a trailer, park a trailer, basic things that the driver should look before starting a trip and so on. After a medical fitness test and some more formalities, the person finally gets a driving license.

What truck drivers from India/Pakistan/Bangladesh earn from driving trucks in USA [Video]

Ali mentions that he always wanted to be in trucking business and once he started driving the trucks, he realised that it was much better than what we have in India or many Asian countries. After some time, he bought a second hand truck for himself and started driving it. He can be heard saying in the video that, he payed off the amount of the truck within 3 months. Most of the trucks in America come with automatic transmission and it also offers the driver a very comfortable cabin. This is something that we normally don’t see in India. Most of the trucks in America will have bunker beds for the driver and the cabin will be air conditioned.

The driver would also have a mini refrigerator and some more items that would help him during the trip. He mentions that if you are in America as a truck driver, then there is nothing to worry. But if you own a truck, then you have to take care of lot of things like the maintenance, regular inspection before trips, salary of the driver and so on. He also warns that, there is no specific visa that invites people for the post of truck drivers in America and if some agent is claiming the same, then he is probably doing it illegally.