Updated: 04/06/2012

Oil companies have cut the petrol price by Rs. 1.68 per litre across India, excluding taxes (VAT) and with effect from midnight of June 2nd, 2012. This has brought down the petrol price from Rs. 73.18 per litre to Rs. 71.60 per litre in New Delhi. Therefore, the price hike has come down to Rs. 5.96 per litre.

Read this CarToq analysis to find out how much your annual fuel cost has increased based on the revised petrol price. The computation has been done for hatchbacks – premium and others. And we have used claimed mileage for the basis of monthly fuel costs, but since we are looking increase in prices, claimed and actual mileage figures would give the same results.

[table id=934 /]


Those who own the i10, Santro and Indica (petrol) will suffer the most due to the hike in petrol prices as their annual fuel expenditure will increase by approximately Rs. 2,805. On the other hand, Nano and Alto owners, will be least affected by the hike and will be spending around Rs. 1,854 – Rs. 2,649.

petrol price hike impact

Given below is a table for the subsequent rise in expenditure for small cars:

[table id=935 /]

Premium hatchbacks

In the premium hatchback category, Punto owners will see the biggest hike in their fuel bill, with annual expenses increasing by Rs.3,405. On the other end of the spectrum, those who own the Toyota Etios Liva, Micra, Swift or i20 will spend the least on fuel annually in this segment and will have to shell out Rs. 2,648 more on petrol annually.

Given below is a table for the subsequent rise in expenditure for premium small cars:

[table id=936 /]

*Price difference has been calculated based on average mileage figures for all cars and is not variant specific, actual price difference may vary.


  1. Its Really irritating to see petrol being hiked by 3odd rupees every 3 months. By the end of 2012 it may even go upto 100 rupees where the most affected people will be the middle class who own hatch backs. As a result of this people will think twice before taking the key of their cars from the key hanger. For a car giving 12 kmpl, the average running cost is Rs. 6, per kilometer plus maintenance.

  2. My Alto K10 gives about 12-14 kmpl. So that it will automatically increase the cost about 3200 per year at lest for me.

  3. I really don’t understand HOW-n-WHY is this being tolerated…. I mean

    1. Look at the constant rise in prices &.

    2. Why is there so much of a price diff.. I mean.. Delhi is Rs.66/ltr whereas Mumbai is Rs.71/lts & Hyderabad & bangalore is Rs.74 approx… I mean there’s a Rs.10/lts diff.

    Isn’t this surprising where we say we are all one & equal?

  4. I think already many petrol vehicles sell has clash and now again Rs 3.15/. increase in price of petrol from yest it is again a trouble in selling for all petrol vehicles.though now there is a huge demand for diesel vehicles but not all diesel vehicles are ready available and waiting period is there.again after few days govt will hike diesel price too.i think its better if u dnt hv any kind of veh

  5. Make the petrol Rs100 once for all. We can then dump our cars in garage and start using Metros and buses.

  6. be ready to pay 100 bucks for 1 liter of petrol by 2012….why is there no regulator like trai to monitor selling price of fuel and other products….isn’t it hypocritical nature of govt. that they decontrol and then control indirectly and allow oil supplying cartel to decide selling price of fuel…bhaiya election karwa do nayi sarkar lek aao aur roti khao varna 2014 mein bhuke nage maroge.

  7. Once upon a time, cars (or whatever passed for cars) ran on steam! Once upon a time, cars ran on petrol! Once upon a time there were cars! Once upon a time…

  8. don’t dare to point any question to this govt….ramdev jaisa haal kar denge……CNG lagva le…..aur chup ho ja…..

  9. tonga ,ghoragari, cycle,rickshaw, bullackcart ka zamana fir wapis aa raha hai, ab market mein honda aur volkswagen ke khachar bhi milenge, maruti aur tata ghode bhi bechenge, service ki koi tension nahin, bus hara chara arrange karna padega…………………..

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