What’s new with the Ford Figo!

Ford has launched a refreshed Figo with as many as 140 changes. Of course, not all these changes are visible in the car. What is visible are some of the cosmetic and functional changes that have been incorporated in the Ford Figo.

CarToq takes you through what’s new with the Figo

What’s new with the Ford Figo!

Headlamps: The Ford Figo gets a new headlamp design. The indicators have been moved to the center and there’s a longer reflective surface for the headlights, making them slightly brighter.

Grille: Keeping with Ford’s kinetic design language, the Figo gets a new grille that is now hexagonally shaped compared to the older trapezoidal grille.

Bumper: Along with the grille the front bumper has been redesigned to give the car a more rounded styling.

Fog lamp housing: The area surrounding the fog lamps has been redesigned, keeping with the kinetic design theme of the new Figo

Alloy wheels: The alloy wheels on the Titanium variant are of a new ten-spoke design that looks smarter on the car. This design is similar to the alloys on the Fiesta.

Tail lamps: The tail-lamps on the Figo have been redesigned. The indicators now swap places with the tail-brake lamps. There’s also a new lens pattern in the lights.

Seats: The seat fabric has changed and the upholstery is of a better quality than the previous Figo. The seats also get better lumbar support for the front seats.

Audio controls: The Figo now gets audio controls on the steering column. These make it easier to control volume and mode while driving.

Dashboard color: The bright burgundy dashboard in the earlier Figo now gives way to a dark blue dashboard color on the Titanium variant.

Gear shift: The Figo’s gear shift linkages have been changed and the gears slot in better than the earlier Figo

Pick up: On the petrol variant, the change in pick up is more evident. The ECU has been recalibrated to provide better torque and pick up in the initial rev range. The clutch also feels lighter.

Noise levels: Ford has put double barrel beading on the doors, which has reduced road noise and outside noise even more, making the cabin quieter.

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What has not changed

Ground clearance: One of the complaints with the Figo was the lack of ground clearance. The Figo still has 168 mm of ground clearance, and that has not changed.

Suspension: The reason the Figo had a poor ground clearance was because of a soft suspension at the rear. This issue has not been addressed adequately. What Ford has done is to redesign the mud flaps to prevent them touching the ground when fully loaded.

Rear windows: The rear windows are manually winding only. There are no power windows for the rear. The windows roll down only 50% of the way.

Bonnet opening lever: The bonnet opening lever is on the left side of the car, in the passenger foot well. This has not been moved in the new Figo as well.

Share what you think of the changes to the new Figo. Are they enough, or have buyers concerns not been adequately addressed? Share your thoughts.