What’s the 1st thing PM Modi does after getting into his Range Rover SUV? [Video]

Road safety in India is something which is easily overlooked by the masses casually. However this, for sure, is changing now. The government also is taking the initiative for the same and recently, our PM Narendra Modi was spotted promoting road safety in this video.

A video uploaded by the Public Information Bureau of India will definitely inspire you. The PM is seen getting inside the swanky Range Rover and immediately wearing the seat belt. The video which was tweeted yesterday and was accompanied with the caption: “First thing the Prime Minister does when getting in his car is put his seat belt on…Whats your excuse?? Wear your seat belt.

The video was uploaded as part of the Ministry of Road, Transport and Highway’s awareness campaign called “Sadak Suraksha Jeevan Raksha”. Famous Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar is also a part of this campaign. It aims to promote road safety and regulations and make people aware about them.

Safety measures like wearing seat belts, driving within the set speed limits and following the traffic rules are really  important for one’s safety. It is good to see the PM taking such measures to promote the initiative. After all, people look up to the PM as their leader and this definitely is inspiring for the masses. This will definitely come down as a good example for the citizens to follow.

Modi Rover Featured

While this may come as an inspiration to many, there is a bad practice that many politicians, including the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, are guilty of – hanging out of the sunroof/windows of cars. This is often seen during political rallies, and is a rather dangerous practice. It is quite hazardous to do that and even a slight mistake can take away one’s life. It can also create distraction for other commuters on road and hence should be avoided.

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