What’s the real mileage of a Ford Classic?

Ford has reduced the price of the Classic and dropped the Fiesta branding from its name; now it’s simply called the Ford Classic. But what we will talk about here is its mileage – something that has come up several times in the CarToq community.

Recently CarToq community member, Antosh asked us the same question, and the community chipped in with their responses. The community was clear that the answer was NO. The car experts who participated in the discussion – Amit, Roshun Povaiah, Shreyans Jain – were clear it was a one-off case of hypermiling – extreme techniques to increase the fuel economy of a car beyond what is officially certified.

The Ford Classic has a claimed mileage of 20 kmpl; it will give you 16-18 kmpl in the city and 19-20 kmpl on the highway if you drive with a light foot.

Sahil Arora, CarToq community member, who owns the Ford Classic also reported that with the AC on, he gets 18 kmpl in city conditions and 20-21 kmpl on the highway.

So, why is there so much confusion about the Classic’s mileage? Well a popular car magazine had done a special drive where using hypermiling techniques, they managed to squeeze out over 32 kmpl from the Classic. Read more about Hypermiling techniques here.

The Classic’s mileage figure is impressive nonetheless. It is a good value-for-money package at its present price of Rs. 7.23 lakh for the base petrol to Rs. 7.82 lakh for the top end diesel variant. Also read: Ford Classic vs. Toyota Etios vs. Maruti Suzuki Dzire

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