Cops SEIZE 9 bikes for stunting: 12 youth ARRESTED!

For most motorcycle/biking enthusiasts, stunting is one of the many related hobbies worth indulging in. A professional and responsible rider, however, always practices and performs stunts anywhere but on public roads with heavy traffic. Most stunt riders don’t make their rides dance just to appear cool but for the immense pleasure and sense of command when the bike’s under your full control. There are many riders though who perform antics on public roads giving a bad name to the whole community. Recently, the Bengaluru traffic cops set out for a major crackdown in which 12 youth were arrested for performing stunts on the road. The video below shows some of them performing dangerous wheelies on public roads with heavy traffic.

The traffic cops dressed in civil clothes for the operation and arrested a total of 12 bikers. The cops also seized 9 two-wheelers from the stunters including KTMs, Pulsars, Scooters and a few two-stroke bikes. According to local reports, wheelies on public roads have become a menace in Bangalore. Several bike riders take out their bikes to wreak havoc on the roads, especially during the evenings and nights. The local police have been busting such bike riders but not to an extent so as to stop such incidents from happening. 

For the same, a fresh drive to bust stunters was carried out recently. Cops in plainclothes (Mufti) positioned themselves on roads that were frequented by stunters after dark. As mentioned above, they busted 12 stunters and arrested them. Apart from this, 9 bikes were seized. According to the police, this drive will continue until more stunters are nabbed and their bikes seized. The Bengaluru traffic police have been pretty active to curb road disciplinary issues. A few months, several reports suggested that the Bangalore Traffic Police haad plans to bust and warn those mechanics and garages who are responsible for modifying cars and bikes. 

Cops SEIZE 9 bikes for stunting: 12 youth ARRESTED!

Talking about these so-called bikers performing stunts on public roads with traffic, they put themselves and other road users to great risk. Most of them don’t even use basic riding gear like helmets or gloves, leave alone riding boots or jackets. Wearing a helmet can greatly reduce the risk of fatality in case of an accident. The police has been taking steps against such rogue bikers since some time now and even Mumbai traffic police nabbed a Tik-Tok star some time back for performing stunts on public roads without any protection.

Now riding a bike/scooter and even performing stunts is not something that should be looked down upon in the society. However, what is necessary is that one must indulge in such activities in a controlled environment. Closed roads, deserted spots and other such places which are not open for traffic are some areas where stunting can be practised. Performing stunts on public not only puts the rider at risk but also other road users. Protective gear like helmet, gloves, pads and riding jackets among others are also very important as they can create the difference between life and death in case of a mishap.