When Tamil actor Vijay drove his Rolls Royce with 4 people in the back seat [Video]

Actor Vijay, also known as Ilaya Thalapathy, as his fans call him, is one of the most popular actors in the Tamil film industry. The actor’s latest movie, “Leo,” is performing exceptionally well in theaters. It amassed around 148 crores worldwide on its first day alone and has received positive reviews on all platforms. Aside from his movies, Actor Vijay is renowned for his political views and statements. His Rolls Royce car has been a frequent subject of news discussions. In addition to the Rolls Royce, he owns several other luxury cars. Here, we have a video of Actor Vijay seen driving his Rolls Royce car with four people in the back seat.


Tamil 360 shared this video on their YouTube channel, and it was actually uploaded over a year ago. The video consists of two parts. In the first section, Vijay is seen exiting the car while his co-passengers remain inside. As they disembark, the camera reveals the Rolls Royce Spirit of Ecstasy emblem on the bonnet. In the subsequent part, the car is shown in motion with Actor Vijay himself at the wheel. The video appears to have been edited in reverse order.

While Vijay is driving, one of the passengers records the footage. Notably, Vijay is not alone in his car; he has passengers in the rear seat – four in total. Despite the spaciousness of the Rolls Royce Ghost sedan, the passengers seem uncomfortable and are not wearing seat belts, which is extremely dangerous.

Actor Vijay & friends in Rolls Royce

You may recognize one of the passengers as the actress Pooja Hegde, who recorded the video on her phone. It appears that the group was celebrating one of their co-star’s birthdays. None of the passengers in the back seat are wearing seat belts, whereas the actor and the co-passenger sitting in the front have their seat belts fastened. In many of our previous articles, we have emphasized the importance of wearing seat belts. There have been numerous reports online about accidents where people suffered serious injuries due to not wearing seat belts.

One recent incident involved Cyrus Mistry, who was in the rear seat of a Mercedes-Benz SUV during the accident. The sole reason he lost his life in the accident was because he was not wearing a seat belt. They were all seated in a well-built SUV equipped with modern safety features. However, these features were rendered ineffective at the time of the accident solely because he failed to wear a seat belt. Both passengers in the rear seat lost their lives, while the driver and co-passenger survived with injuries.

Actor Vijay’s Rolls Royce Ghost also made headlines when he failed to pay the entry tax on the vehicle. The Madras High Court ordered the actor to pay a fine of Rs 1 lakh after finding that he attempted to evade paying the tax by challenging the tax demand from the commercial tax department.

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