Which car will replace the Skoda Fabia after it is discontinued?

Skoda is planning to discontinue the Skoda Fabia by the end of this year, or until stocks last in the Indian market. This seemed inevitable given the really poor sales performance of the Skoda Fabia in the past few months. There is no official replacement planned at the moment but there is hope.

The Skoda Fabia has lost out completely in sales, with sales crashing to just 115 cars in April 2013. A year ago in April 2012, sales were at 538 cars, still not good enough and have steadily been dipping since then.  But in 2011, things were better with 1,561 cars being sold in April 2011. Related: Skoda cars in India

Which car will replace the Skoda Fabia after it is discontinued?

The issue with the Skoda Fabia was its high price tag when it was initially launched in 2008, which didn’t excite buyers, who found more value in the cheaper Maruti Swift. Skoda then relaunched the Fabia in 2010, changing the engines to comply with the new excise norms. The earlier Skoda Fabia had a 1.4 litre diesel engine and petrol engine, but this car didn’t catch buyers fancy because of the price tag and issues with power and fuel economy. In 2010, Skoda put in the Volkswagen Polo’s 1.2 litre petrol and diesel engines in the Fabia, giving sales a boost initially, but then it began to taper off. Also read: Skoda Fabia road test and review

In February, a Skoda dealer in Gujarat came up with an innovative scheme offering a Fabia free after five years if one bought a Skoda Rapid. He’ll now have to switch to plan B, which was to offer Rs. 3.5 lakh in cash back at that point in time. But wait, there may be a new Fabia after all. Also read: Skoda Rapid buy one, get one free scheme

Which car will replace the Skoda Fabia after it is discontinued?

Skoda Fabia (SK 260) may be a replacement in 2015

Although Skoda has said it does not plan any replacement for the Skoda Fabia at the moment and would rather focus its energies on the Skoda Rapid and upcoming new Skoda Octavia, there is a new Skoda Fabia that is due for a global launch next year. Skoda may consider that Fabia in 2015, if the market sentiment changes. This Fabia may be an ideal replacement.

The hatchback market has not being growing in India in the past year, and except for the top few players, most have seen a dip in sales. Fiat is another company that is struggling with the Punto at just 294 units and the Fiat Linea at just 97 units, a couple of cars behind the new Ford Fiesta that sold a paltry 101 units. Honda too, facing a production crunch with the Jazz because of unavailability of kits that it imported from Thailand, recently pulled the plug on the Honda Jazz. Also read: Video Review: Skoda Rapid

News source: AutocarIndia