Which hatchback under Rs 4.5 lakh is best for weekend driving only?

CarToq member Rhishikesh Acharya is looking for recommendations among petrol cars, and he has a budget of Rs 4.5 lakh.

He says his brother is looking for a good, which he is going to drive the car only on Sundays and not more than 50-100kms. He has a list of cars in mind, but needs help short-listing further.

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His priorities (in order of listing) are:

Good looks

Ample space

Boot space should be good

Mileage should be more

Low maintenance

A family car easy to dive and park

Good resale value

Good ASS (After Sales Service)

In terms of features, A/C and power steering is a must.

His shortlist (again in order of priority):






Alto k10

Wagon R

New Hyundai Eon (not yet launched)

If you had to recommend three cars among this shortlist, what would these be? Share your suggestions.