CarToq member Rhishikesh Acharya is looking for recommendations among petrol cars, and he has a budget of Rs 4.5 lakh.

He says his brother is looking for a good, which he is going to drive the car only on Sundays and not more than 50-100kms. He has a list of cars in mind, but needs help short-listing further.

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His priorities (in order of listing) are:

Good looks

Ample space

Boot space should be good

Mileage should be more

Low maintenance

A family car easy to dive and park

Good resale value

Good ASS (After Sales Service)

In terms of features, A/C and power steering is a must.

His shortlist (again in order of priority):






Alto k10

Wagon R

New Hyundai Eon (not yet launched)

If you had to recommend three cars among this shortlist, what would these be? Share your suggestions.


  1. Ppl who r looking to buy hatch under 4.5 lacs just wait for few days as brio gonna b launched soon n reveiws r strongly in its favour frm styling to power, mileage it has it all

  2. I hve got wagnr nd its prfrmce is good its ground clrnce is awsme… nd features r very good.. milege is good… I m happy tht I have wagnr as my persnal car….. last word fr car is awsme bt only top model is good bec I hve owned top model… nd its perfrmng awsme…. I hve buyed top model bec of the bst features.

  3. i10 hands down, if it’s the kappa2 engine, then none of the other cars can be even compared to it.

  4. man go for etios extend your budget my 40k its the best.
    dude u get a sedan for 5k dat too from tyota company go for it.
    it got all the luks and features from corolla and with tyota u can miss it.

    well if u are not ready for it then wait for 25 days honda is launching new brio for around 4lac go for it.
    only porblem is dat only top model has airbags and abs rest assured its all honda quality to

  5. Looking at the list cannot speak for Eon, however, my money would be on Figo, VFM and best in this class, ASS have been good.

  6. Wagon r is the best option. Because of it has more features than other cars and it is realy more comfortable than other cars.

  7. i1o no doubt..wil be the best buy for ya..or else go for beat..nw it is available in deisel variant as well.

  8. according to your requirement its Chevy’s Beat – Diesel (low fuel prices) and even Honda Brio is good if you could wait remember its Honda great engineering. But I completely agree with Mr.Ankit go for etios, its toyota the best.

  9. 1. Swift 2. Figo 3. Fabia/POLO

    I feel myself unable to pick any car other that Figo from the given list because none from the above cars completes definition of a car as per me, maximum cars from the given list lake good handling and high speed stability which is a must in long weekend drives. Figo is only good car so I picked, I don’t know much about Beat so I didn’t pick it.

  10. u can get d very newly launched SWIFT… best bet.. with increased mileage as well… n bout d looks comforts etc.. I think every1 knows about it.. so I would suggest strongly for new swift.

  11. Figo is the best car with lot of room inside. Its a fantastic car for lots of fun, thrill and ofcourse the best milege of 19kmpl.


  13. 1) i10 – the best among the lot & will fulfill all your needs, u may go for CNG in this case….
    2)Beat – Is good if u go for diesel.
    3)K10 – Is the best if u considering only Milege, after sales service & resale value, u may go for CNG in this case too…
    4)Eeco – If u have a big family, u may go for CNG in this case too.

  14. Ford Figo low on ASS and high on Maintenance….Low Resale. It has been proved that i10 is the lowest when it comes to maintenance. Hyundai resale is any day better than Ford in India.

  15. Based on the budget Mr. Acharya has suggested ( I am assuming it to be 4.5 – 5 LKS on road ) and also he will be using only for the weekends I guess he is not looking for any Diesel variant.
    My personal recommendation will be as under:
    1. Swift VXI / LXI – Amazing car if the the budget can be slightly increased. You will never regret buying it if you love driving.
    2. Figo Duratorq Diesel 1.4 – G

  16. thanks to all I think maxx people have suggested I 10 or Figo……so I think I sld think for these vehicles and I will be waiting for the launch of Liva diesel, Etios diesel, Hyundai Eon and Honda Brio….realy thanks to all for your suggestions and also thanks to DWS auto.after purchasing a car whichever it may be I will definately update all of u frds…tc.

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