Another interesting question from one of our members: Udit Sawhney has to choose between the entry level Beat diesel and Ford Figo diesel model. His budget is not stretchable, and he will be driving a little over 1,000 km in a month, or 40 km daily.

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The entry-level Beat diesel is about Rs 30,000 less than the Figo. And that is precisely what GM wanted to achieve: introduce a diesel car that is priced lower than the most popular diesel small car, the Figo. To be sure, there was the Indica eV2, which would have been also cost-effective, but for those who are looking for something more – be it better looks, more features etc – the Figo was the most value for money diesel car. Read this comparison: Figo diesel versus Beat diesel.

The Beat diesel is not as big a car as Figo, so that’s a negative. But it delivers a better mileage than the Figo. It may be a little under-powered but it scores over the Figo over looks. On the other hand, the Beat might be cheaper but it does not offer as many features as the entry-level diesel Figo.

So, it is not an easy choice to make. In the end, it comes down to which factors that are more important to you than others. What would be your advice to Udit? And share your reasons too!


  1. Dude beat’s a bit cheaper with a reliable multijet engine derived from the same engine which drives punto, vista, swift, dzire, manza, ritz, sx4 and linea… If mileage is the only concern in a tight budget then its highly recommended…

  2. But Ford’s service sux BIG TIME while Chevy comes with 3 years Service Protection, isn’t that going to factor in? (Correct me if I am wrong).

  3. Chevy works wonders where the space is not a constraint!
    Figo doesn’t fits the bill if looks and overall feel of the car is the consideration. Beat looks and feel much younger than the figo! So if space is not an issue and if you’ll be spending much of the time in city and to top it a 3 year maintenance contract (it actually works out to be pocket friendly) then beat makes up for a very strong cas

  4. well I will suggets Figo disel is a good option…..its a spacious car, looks gr8, boot space is also large better den beat….finaly a good family car from ford…beat is laos a good car in terms of looks.i also looks its interiors, cluster.but u hv to compromise with space as its not dat much spacious as figo and boot space is very limited..overall both vehicles r gr8..still Figo rocks……

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