Which is the most popular MPV among Ertiga, Xylo and Innova?

Ever since Maruti launched the Ertiga mini MPV, there have been constant comparisons between it and other full sized MPV’s like the Xylo and the Innova. We asked the CarToq community, which one of these three MPV’s was the most practical. Read on to find out what the poll revealed.

Now, although the Ertiga is much cheaper than the Innova and Xylo when it comes to price, its USP of being a budget seven-seater does clash with the Innova and Xylo. When we asked people from the community we found that 74 % people believe that the Innova is still the most practical MPV of the lot.

The Mahindra Xylo got 11.35 % votes while the Ertiga got around 14.65 % votes. Which means that the CarToq community sees the Ertiga as slightly more practical than the Xylo, but still find the Innova the best of the lot. Here’s why the community voted the Innova as the best of the lot.

Which is the most popular MPV among Ertiga, Xylo and Innova?
Photo: The Toyota Innova has been voted the most practical MPV, beating the Xylo and Ertiga

Where the Toyota Innova Scores

The Toyota Innova starts at Rs. 9.14 lakh and goes up to Rs. 13.58 lakh. It may be on the pricier side of the game but it steals the show with its car like handling and spacious interiors. That is essentially a blend of the best characteristics of both the Ertiga and the Xylo.

Which is the most popular MPV among Ertiga, Xylo and Innova?

Innova vs. Ertiga

The Ertiga starts at Rs. 5.89 lakh (Base petrol) and goes up to Rs. 8.45 lakh for the top of the line diesel. The fact that the Ertiga is much cheaper than the Innova is evident but despite the price difference the community has voted for the Innova. This could primarily be because the Innova, though pricier, fits the bill of an MPV perfectly as it has a reasonably spacious third row of seats and also has 758 litres of luggage space. Also read: Can the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga beat the Toyota Innova?

The Ertiga’s 1.3-litre diesel motor puts out 89 Bhp, which although a hefty 12 Bhp lesser than the Toyota Innova’s 2.5-litre engine produces the same 200 Nm of torque. So although it is less powerful on paper the Ertiga, which weighs 440 kg lower than the Innova will accelerate with as much ease as the Innova.

The Ertiga is better than the Innova in terms of handling thanks to its monocoque chassis, which limits body roll. Also if you compare the closely priced Innova base variant and Ertiga top end variant you will find features like ABS and airbags in the Ertiga, which make it safer.

Which is the most popular MPV among Ertiga, Xylo and Innova?

Innova vs. Xylo

Mahindra launched the 2012 Xylo at a starting price of Rs. 7.37 lakh and prices for the top end variant go up to Rs. 10.25 lakh. So once again in terms of price the Xylo is more sensible compared to the Innova, but the Xylo has several other issues which made it the least desirable MPV in our poll. The ride inside the Xylo is nowhere close to the Innova, which is more car-like and smooth. The last row of the Xylo is rather bouncy and can replicate sea sickness on bad roads. Read more: Mahindra Xylo versus Toyota Innova

That said The Xylo has an edge over the Innova in terms of performance. Its 2.2-litre mHawk engine puts out 120 Bhp of power (which is 20 Bhp more than the Innova’s 2.5-litre D4D motor).

It also makes 80 Nm more torque (280 Nm) than the Innova making it more responsive than the Innova. But the Xylo’s power and torque are like a ship without a sail; its handling is still ages behind the Innova.

Although the new Xylo has improved in terms of handling thanks to a retuned rear suspension and anti-roll bars it is still not as good as the Innova.

Which is the most popular MPV among Ertiga, Xylo and Innova?

Ertiga vs. Xylo

Now we’ve already discussed the Ertiga and the Xylo vis-à-vis the Innova and we already know that the Ertiga is more affordable but how do they compare against each other? Well in terms of sheer performance the Xylo with 120 Bhp of power is a wholesome 30 Bhp more powerful than the Ertiga. Even in terms of Torque it has 80 Nm more than the Ertiga.

The Xylo is also much more spacious than the Ertiga; it has more space in all three rows and even in the boot. So why did our community vote for the Ertiga over the Xylo?

Well, buyers opting for MPVs aren’t exactly looking for outright performance; they are also looking for comfort, ease of driving and service. That is exactly where the Ertiga downs a pint more than the Xylo! The Ertiga is more car like, easier to drive, smoother, more comfortable and then Maruti Suzuki’s service network is the icing on the cake. Also in terms of power-to-weight ratio the Ertiga and Xylo are almost equally matched.

Do you also believe that the Innova is better than the Ertiga and Xylo or do you think that the Xylo makes more sense than the Ertiga? Share your views in the comments section below!