Who can buy a Mahindra e2o and who should not

Mahindra recently launched the e2o all-electric car and since then we’ve been flooded by a number of queries on the car. And what has come out of that is a sense of apprehension of whether the Mahindra e20 (also called the Reva NXR) is a suitable choice or not.

To put things in perspective, we’re listing down the kind of people who can buy a Mahindra e2o and those who should not buy the car. Take a look and decide if the Mahindra e2o is a car for you. Also read: Mahindra e20 first drive impressions: Convenient city car

Who can buy a Mahindra e2o and who should not

Buy the Mahindra e2o if…

… You are a person who drives only 50 to 60 km a day at the most and will not exceed this range on any of your daily drives, and want the convenience of a feature-rich automatic. The Mahindra e2o has a maximum range of only 100 km per charge and this could come down depending on the weather conditions and accessories in use.

… You are a person who already has a car or SUV that you can use for longer trips. The Mahindra e20 can seat four adults at a pinch, but is better off as a personal car or with two on board comfortably. It does not have too much luggage space, only enough for a couple of laptops and shopping bags.

… You have a dedicated parking space for the car. When you buy a Mahindra e20 the company will come and install a dedicated charging slot for you at your home or parking spot. Make sure this is possible as the car takes five hours for a full charge.

… You are a person who is concerned about the environment above all else. The Mahindra e20 has zero emissions being an all-electric vehicle. It will not pollute on its daily drives and would be even better if the electricity used to charge it comes from a clean-energy source like solar power, wind or hydro power.

… You have access to a clean energy source, like a dedicated spot where a solar panel can be set up. The Mahindra e2o has Sun2car technology which enables a 3m x 3m panel to charge it. Of course, this also means it can’t be a daily driver, as it requires about 8 hours of sunlight to charge it. Also read: Mahindra e2o vs Hyundai i10 automatic vs Chevrolet Beat diesel running costs compared

Don’t buy the Mahindra e2o if…

… You are going to use the Mahindra e2o as your only car. It has limited range and luggage capacity which may not suit all your needs.

… You have to drive over 80-100 km in a day. Range anxiety can be a stressful thing and it’s not likely that you will get access to charging points everywhere or have the time for it. You run a big risk of getting stranded.

… You live in a rented flat and have to move ever so often. Chances are you won’t have a dedicated parking spot and you won’t be able to set up a charging point for the e2o. Similarly, if you live in a society where it’s not possible to get permission to set up a charging spot, don’t pick it up. Also read: Mahindra e2o launched at Rs. 5.96 lakh 

So does the Mahindra e2o suit your needs? Let us know.