Why a properly designed bullbar is allowed in some countries [Video]

You must have seen Bull Bars installed on many vehicles in our country. They are banned in India but still, some people are using them on their vehicles. There is a good reason for banning the bull bars. However, there is a proper way of designing and making a bull bar which was not followed in our country. Here, is a video uploaded by 4WD 24/7 and it shows us how a proper bull bar is designed.

Prevent airbags from working

A properly designed bull bar does not interfere with the airbags. There are sensors placed in the front of the vehicles that trigger the airbags in case of an accident. However, if a bull bar is not designed properly then there is a high chance that the impact may not reach the sensor or just travel around it. The airbag, not opening can cause severe injuries to the occupants.

Affects crumple zones

Why a properly designed bullbar is allowed in some countries [Video]

Manufacturers spend a lot of time figuring out the crumple zones in a car. Crumple Zones are crash zones that are there to absorb most of the impact in case of an accident. They reduce the impact that travels to the cabin. However, if you fit an improper bullbar then its design affects the crumple zones because the crumple zone is now covered and the impact from the accident will not reach the crumple zone. Due to this, the shock and impact from the accident will travel to the rest of the vehicle. Crumple Zones are there to absorb the energy and get destroyed in the process.

Originally designed for Australia

Why a properly designed bullbar is allowed in some countries [Video]

Bullbars were originally designed for use in Australia. They were meant to protect the vehicle from animals particularly Kangaroos. In Australia, there are open roads and the population is also less. Because of the open roads, animals would pop out suddenly out of nowhere and hit the vehicle. Due to this, people were stranded in the middle of nowhere. So, in Australia bull bars that are specifically designed for vehicles are allowed.

Not allowed in India

Why a properly designed bullbar is allowed in some countries [Video]

In India, the case is very different. Here people use bullbars to give an aggressive and off-road look to their vehicles. Or they do it to protect the bumpers of their vehicles. These bullbars are just stainless steel pipes guards which are attached to the vehicle with clamps. Now, the bullbar makers have started using different materials for the bullbars but still, they do not comply with the vehicles.

Also, the Indian population is much higher than that of Australia. So, there is a high chance of hitting someone. The makers do not think of airbag deployment or crumple zones. So, in case of an accident, the impact could be deadly. Then there are pedestrians, there are norms that consider pedestrian safety and installing a bullbar in front of your bumper do not comply with that norm. The metal in the bull bars can severely injure the pedestrians.