Why are Fortuner and Thar struggling to rescue another Thar? We explain

SUV owner groups and their weekend off-roading trip videos are quite popular on the internet. If you ask anyone who has done off-roading, they would tell you that getting stuck is part of it. There are off-road tracks where even the best off-roaders in the world might get stuck. 4×4 SUVs are capable of reaching places where normal cars or SUVs can’t. However, this does not make them invincible. Along with the machine, the driver’s experience also matters a lot in such conditions. Here, we have a video where a Toyota Fortuner and a Mahindra Thar are struggling to rescue another Thar that got stuck on a riverbed.

The video has been uploaded by Thisisgabru on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger and his friends go out for off-roading, which is a usual thing for the group. The vlogger is driving a modified Maruti Gypsy, while other members of the group have a Mahindra Thar and a Toyota Fortuner. They all come to a meeting point and drive from there to the off-roading spot, which is a riverbed with rocks and sand beds in some places. The river flows through a small section of this off-roading area.

Since there are no proper tracks for driving the car, the group has to explore the section before driving into it. While driving through one such spot, one of the Mahindra Thar SUVs in the group gets stuck. The owner was driving too close to the water and didn’t realize that the sand around this region was acting like quicksand. The more the driver attempted to drive the car out, the more it got stuck, and eventually, the left-hand side of the car was completely buried in the sand.

Why are Fortuner and Thar struggling to rescue another Thar? We explain
Mahindra Thar stuck in sand

As the area around the car was wet sand, none of the other vehicles could get close enough to help without risking getting stuck themselves. Getting the Mahindra Thar out of its predicament proved to be a tricky task. They joined two tow straps and tied them to an older generation Mahindra Thar 700. The Thar 700 pulled the stuck car using the strap, but the length of the strap caused energy loss, and the Thar remained stuck.

Realizing that the Thar 700 was not able to pull the SUV out, they started looking for alternate options. Other members of the group began pushing the car and removing sand that had accumulated in front of the tires. After some time, they decided to use two SUVs instead of one. They tied a Toyota Fortuner in front of a Mahindra Thar, and both SUVs tried to pull the stuck vehicle out. However, this attempt also failed as the tow strap broke a couple of times, and even the Toyota Fortuner couldn’t pull the Thar out completely. The stuck SUV did move from its original position, but it never came out of the sand completely.

The Thar remained stuck in the sand for almost 2.5 hours. Finally, when they realized that there were no other options, they called a tractor for recovery. The tractor, with its wider tires, managed to get close to the Thar, and after tying a tow strap to it, the tractor successfully pulled the SUV out. Unlike the other vehicles in the group, the tractor’s proper angle and power made the difference in rescuing the Thar. Wet sand acted like concrete, making it even harder for the Thar that got stuck.