Why are Rolls Royce cars so expensive? [Video]

Rolls Royce is a brand that one would quickly connect with luxury. Rolls Royce is known to make one of the most comfortable and luxurious cars in this planet. For this utmost comfortable experience, one has to pay a price which is way more than the price of any other car that you may have ever owned. Rolls Royce cars are even available in India officially and the price of these cars start from around 6 crore and go over 10 crore depending on the model you choose. Every Rolls Royce car is unique in its own way and that also determines the price. Here we have a video that explains why are Rolls Royce cars expensive.

The video has been shared by  Isma on their YouTube channel. The video explains what makes Rolls Royce cars expensive when compared to others. Video starts by talking about the manufacturing of the car. Unlike other cars, Rolls Royce cars are not mass produced. The work for a Rolls Royce car would only start after the customer places an order. In short these cars are built to order. Which means extra care is taken while manufacturing each vehicle to ensure that customer faces no issues.

Next is the colour. Once you finalise the model that you want to buy, then the next step is to select the colour. Rolls Royce offers a large variety of colours from which the customer can choose from. In fact, Rolls Royce is said to have around 44,000 colour palettes. Customer can also ask for a custom paint job on his or her Rolls Royce to give it an exclusive looks. Depending up on the colour one chooses, the price of the car also increases. Extensive work goes before Rolls Royce finalises the colour or paint.

Why are Rolls Royce cars so expensive? [Video]

Rolls Royce even patents the custom colour under your name so that no one else can use it without your permission. Depending on the exclusivity, layers and the shade, the price of the car goes up. When it comes to hand painting the coach lines, Rolls Royce only has one person who does that. He is a specialist and has been doing this work for years. It takes almost three hours to carefully pinstripe each side of a Rolls Royce.

One of the other major factors that distinguish Rolls Royce from other manufacturers is the cabin. Just like the exterior, interior also comes with a variety of customisation options. The customer can choose from a variety of materials and textures for the insteriors. The material customer chooses determines the price. Other than this, Rolls Royce also offers options like picnic hampers, whiskey cabinets, hidden jewellery safes, refrigerator and so on. The cabin is well insulated and offers utmost comfort. The cabin of a Rolls Royce is extremely silent because of the insulation. Customer also gets optional starlight headliner. Customer can choose a specific constellation and get it inside the cabin. The starlight headliner uses thousands of individually woven fibre optics to create the constellation. The tyres used by Rolls Royce cars are expensive too. These are exclusively made for Rolls Royce cars to reduce the road noise in the cabin while the car is in motion.

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