Why are so many Hyderabad cops pushing this truck? We explain [Video]

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When heavy vehicles like the trucks and buses break down in the middle of the road, it can be a difficult process to remove them from the road. While small vehicles can be removed with the help of tow trucks, heavy vehicles require bigger tow trucks and even massive cranes if they are loaded with cargo. Here is a video of a truck that died in the middle of the road and cops swung into action to remove it from the road. Here are the video and all the details that you want to know.

The truck seen in the video broke down in Hyderabad just before the president’s visit. The truck can be seen parked on the side of the road and a number of cops started pushing the truck to make sure that it clears the way. It is not clear if the truck was loaded at the time but it took more than 20 traffic police officers to remove the vehicle from the road. It was important to remove the truck in time because the president of India, Ramnath Kovind was taking the route during his visit to the Hyderabad city.

The video is made from one side of the truck, which shows around 11 cops pushing the vehicle. There are more on the other side of the truck too. In all, there are more than 20 cops pushing the truck. It should be noted that even an empty truck can weigh a lot. It can weigh around 10,000 kg without any cargo on it. With cargo, the weight can go up substantially.

Why are so many Hyderabad cops pushing this truck? We explain [Video]

The administration, city traffic police and the Special Protection Group work together to set the routes of most important people in the country. These routes are then sanitised for any threat and then the route is cleared before such highly valuable people can go on them. Since the truck could have caused a threat to the convoy or blocked the convoy and reduce its speed, the city traffic police decided to remove it and not wait for the crane. With collective force, the truck was removed from the road. It is not known for how much distance did the cops push the truck though.

President of India, Ramnath Kovind is the most important person in the country. He uses a Mercedes-Benz S600 Pullman Guard as his official vehicle. It is a heavily armoured limousine that can withstand heavy firing and even take the impact of direct bomb blasts. The convoy of the president is guarded by numerous vehicles including armoured Toyota Fortuners, Land Cruisers and Mahindra Scorpio SUVs. Wherever the president moves around in India, the vehicle is transported to the location and arrangements are made to ensure the top safety of the president.