Why did the scooter fall? Here is the reason!

By now you must have seen the video of a scooter falling on its own and the pillion blaming the rider going behind. If you have not seen the video then you can watch it below. Some people who have watched the video are wondering why did the scooter fall if no other vehicle hit it. Today, we explain the reason behind this.

The scooter that we see in the video is Hero Duet. It has been discontinued now in the Indian market. The scooter rode on 10-inch wheels which makes the scooter fall faster. Moreover, the Duet was offered with integrated braking system. This means that when the rider applies one brake the other one gets applied automatically.

It seems like the rider of the scooter was not paying much attention to the road and traffic ahead of him. The motorcycle in front of the scooter rider started changing lanes, and the scooter rider did not notice it till the scooter was quite close to the motorcycle. When he did realise, he panicked and applied the brakes suddenly. Now, because the scooter is equipped with an integrated braking system, both of the wheels locked immediately. And the scooter fell.

Why did the scooter fall? Here is the reason!

The Perak on which the vlogger was riding comes with Anti-lock braking system that is a dual-channel unit. So, the front and the rear wheel, both have ABS system. The Perak rider also engages his brakes suddenly but because of the ABS, the wheels do not skid. The rider was lucky that his camera was recording because that recording worked as a proof for him an no charges were made against him. Nowadays, cops are using videos posted on social media, footage from CCTVs and action cameras as a proof. They would send challans based on the footage

How this accident could have been avoided?

Use of turn indicators

Why did the scooter fall? Here is the reason!

The motorcyclist in front of the scooter did not use turn indicator to indicate that he wants to turn left. There is a slight possibility that the turn indicator might have grabbed the attention of the scooter’s rider and he would have responded timely.

Pay attention

From the video, it seems like the scooter’s rider was not paying enough attention. If he would have given attention then he would not have blamed the Perak rider and he would have seen the motorcyclist in the front changing who was changing lanes slowly.

Maintain distance

Driving very close to the vehicle ahead of you is called tailgating. It is not at all safe because it does not give you enough amount of time to react. If the driver in front of you applies brakes suddenly then there is very small amount of chance that you would be able to stop timely.

When you are not maintaining enough distance then you do not have a proper view of what is ahead. So, you cannot anticipate what the driver in front of you is going to do. It also reduces the judgement time significantly. You might be able to react timely and apply the brakes, but there is no surety that your vehicle will stop in time if you do not give it enough distance.