Why do celebrities like Rajnikanth and Aamir Khan use Toyota Innova? Here are the reasons!

The Indian subsidiary of the Japanese multinational automaker Toyota Motor Corporation – Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited launched the MPV Innova back in 2005 to replace the aging Qualis that was introduced in the year 2000. Ever since its launch, the Innova has become an unrivaled segment champion and has also become a synonym for reliability and comfort.

This vehicle has garnered so much appreciation and affection in the country that even the people of the B-town that are used to riding in swanky Luxo barges use it as their daily driver. So if you are also one of the few individuals who wonder why some of these ultra-famous personalities of the Indian cinema use this MPV to move around, you have come to the right address. Following are the reasons why the Toyota Innova is one of the choices of actors like Rajnikanth, Aamir Khan, and Malika Arora, and a few more.

Unparalleled Comfort

Why do celebrities like Rajnikanth and Aamir Khan use Toyota Innova? Here are the reasons!

One of the biggest reasons behind the increasing sales of the Toyota Innova is the comfort that it provides for the price. Sure there might be some more expensive cars on the market that may be a tad more comfortable however, there is none at the price that the Innova has been offered since its launch.

The Innova’s ladder-frame chassis offers plenty of flexibility for a smooth driving. Additionally it is coupled with an excellent suspension setup, making for an incredibly smooth ride, especially on damaged or uneven roads of India. The actor Aamir Khan enjoys driving practical automobiles as well as various high-end vehicles. He has a Fortuner SUV and a Toyota Innova in his garage, also recently he got himself the big daddy of Toyota’s the Vellfire as well.

Smooth and Reliable Engine


The buttery smooth engine of the Innova when coupled with the suspension setup and ladder on frame chassis increases the overall the comfort of the premium MPV. Also it cannot be forgotten that the engine on one these can last a lifetime.

There are countless Innovas in the nation that have several lakhs of kilometres on the odometer and are still going strong. These engines have been tested throught the course of the model in the country and they passed almost each and every test.  The D-4D engine has a reputation for reliability and may run for several lakh kilometers with only routine maintenance. Malaika Arora, one of the most famed Bollywood actresses, has been seen multiple times driving her petrol automatic Innova Crysta.

Easy Maintenance

Why do celebrities like Rajnikanth and Aamir Khan use Toyota Innova? Here are the reasons!

People in B-town wouldn’t necessarily be discouraged from purchasing a car due to its high maintenance costs, but having one that is inexpensive and simple to maintain is always a bonus. The Toyota Innova has relatively cheap maintenance costs, and Toyota is renowned for providing customers with a variety of repair and maintenance plans according on their usage. This significantly lowers the cost of the service. The cost of the Toyota Innova Crysta has increased significantly over time, but it is compensated for by its dependable engine and inexpensive maintenance. The actor Jackie Shroff, who owns a number of expensive vehicles, also has a Toyota Innova in his garage. The actor recently also got himself a Jaguar XK as well.

Easy Ingress

Why do celebrities like Rajnikanth and Aamir Khan use Toyota Innova? Here are the reasons!

This may not be the most common reason for the general population to purchase the Toyota Innova, but it is unquestionably a factor in the car’s celebrity appeal. The Innova’s wide opening doors and lofty sitting position make it easy for passengers to get in and out. Older passengers will find the captain seats in the back to be very useful because they provide a chair-like seating experience. Rajnikanth, a superstar, also has a Toyota Innova, which he frequently uses to travel to work and other locations.

Premium Feel

Why do celebrities like Rajnikanth and Aamir Khan use Toyota Innova? Here are the reasons!

Toyota made the necessary improvements to Innova over time and replaced it with Innova Crysta, which has a much more upscale appearance and additional features, including leather seats, wooden inlays in the dashboard, ambient lighting, rear air conditioning digital display, and more. These improvements increased interest in the Innova Crysta among purchasers of private vehicles. The actor Gulshan Grover also has an Innova, which he frequently uses since it is more useful and economical.

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