Why do Lamborghinis catch fire? We explain

There’s been a spurt of Lamborghini supercars going up in flames from around the world. Why, we just had one such incident happen right here in India, when a Delhi businessman driving a Lamborghini Gallardo had to run for his life after his supercar went up in flames. Today, we explore why so many Lamborghinis go up in flames.

Why do Lamborghinis catch fire? We explain

Well, there may be a few exceptions but most Lamborghini owners seem to be revving the nuts of their cars even when idling in traffic. In fact, a Lamborghini sits so low that nobody beyond a couple of vehicles around its would really notice the supercar. So, revving the engine every now while sitting in traffic and then is a surefire way to attract attention. Well, this is also the reason why so many Lamborghinis catch fire, and burn to the ground. Don’t believe us? Well, watch this.

What’s happening here?

Victoria.Vikki, rents out a Lamborghini Aventador in Dubai. Yes, you can do such things in India too. At a traffic light, the lady just revs, and revs, and revs the Aventador. It’s pretty pointless in a supercar rich Dubai, but she keeps at it. The car’s slowly getting hotter and hotter, to the point where its exhaust starts emitting flames. Now, Lamborghinis are said to run richer at higher rpms to maximize power and keep the car’s engine cool at the high revs.

This is also a reason why a Lamborghini emits flames from the exhaust when revved high while stationary. After a point, if the car doesn’t move ahead fast enough to let the flames dissipate, the flames engulf the body work. This is exactly what happens here. Now you know why, “Lamborghini goes up in flames” headlines pop up across the interweb so often. It’s usually the nut behind the wheel than the car to blame.

Is over-revving only to blame for Lamborghini fires?

Well, not really. Mechanical issues also contribute to Lamborghini fires but a lot of them are caused due to driver’s simply over-revving the car.