Why does Mahindra say this in XUV700 owner’s manual? We explain

Mahindra XUV700 is flying off the shelves in India. The customers of the car who have luckily received the delivery of the new XUV700 are floating around a picture on Reddit from the manual that gives directions to park the car in the mountains or inclines. What are these instructions? Read for yourself.

Why does Mahindra say this in XUV700 owner’s manual? We explain

As you can see, the owner’s manual of the Mahindra XUV700 gives clear instructions on how to park the automatic and manual variants of the new XUV700 on the inclines and hills. According to the manual, if you’re parking the XUV700 facing uphill, the driver should put the transmission in first gear and the front wheels should face away from the kerb. The automatic transmission’s gear lever position should be in P or Park in this situation.

If the car is facing the downhill, then the manual and automatic transmissions should be in reverse gear and the front wheels should face the kerb. It also suggests the owner engage the parking brake before leaving the vehicle.

Why such instructions?

Because it is the safest way to park the vehicle on an inclined surface. It is also the standard practice to park cars on an incline and decline around the world. Let’s find out why?

In the first situation, the car is facing uphill which means it has more chances of rolling in reverse. Keeping the wheels away from the kerb means whenever the car starts to move, it will move towards the kerb and will not roll down the road causing mega damages.

Similarly, in the situation where the car is facing downhill, it will have more chances of rolling towards the front. Keeping the wheels towards the kerb will ensure that if the brakes and transmission fail, the car will hit the kerb instead of rolling down the road.

The manual asks to engage the first gear and reverse gear to add a layer of added safety. If the handbrakes fail, the transmission will do its job to stop the car from rolling down. In total, there are three layers of security if you park your car like instructed on an incline.

Should you always do it?

If you’re going to park the vehicle for a very long time on an incline and leave it like that, make sure that you place a stopper or any kind of brick to stop the car from rolling. Parking the car for long periods with the handbrake engaged can cause it to stick and create problems.

Also, if you’re going to park it on a busy street, you should refrain from engaging the manual transmission. If another car hits the parked car at high speed, the parked vehicle may cause an impact on the transmission.