Why driving/riding on the wrong side is so DANGEROUS

In a devastating incident, two young men were mowed down by a TNSRTC bus in Injambakkam on East Coast Road in Chennai. The accidents took place at noon, and the CCTV footage from a nearby shop shows how the whole incident went down. The unfortunate incident tells us about how not to ride on the roads.

What happened here?

The CCTV footage shows that a motorcycle is speeding on the wrong side of the road using the fastest lane. At the same time, another motorcycle was crossing the road from the opposite side and was trying to merge into the traffic. The motorcycle from the wrong side couldn’t avoid the other bike, and they both collided.

The disbalance caused the rider and the pillion to fall down on the road. A high-speed Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation (TNSTC) bus was following from behind, which mowed down both in a matter of seconds. The riders of the other bike also fell but escaped with minor injuries. According to police, the rider, Shajan was wearing a helmet, but the pillion was not. The crushing force from the bus did not spare any of them.

The bus was coming from Puducherry, and the driver did brake hard after seeing the collision between the two bikes. The high momentum of the bus could not save the bikers from being crushed. The driver of the bus has been arrested for enquiry and has been booked under Section 304 (A), (death caused due to negligent driving).

Could this have been avoided?

From the footage, we can make out that both the bikers were at fault. Shajan, who was riding on the wrong side was in the fastest lane and at a very high speed. The other biker also crossed the road from the wrong side merged into the traffic without checking the lane.

There have been many incidents where bikers on the wrong side can cause devastating accidents. Riding on the wrong side confuses the oncoming traffic and lead to horrific accidents. Recently, a Swift went off the highway and then overturned while trying to save a biker from the wrong side, here is the video.

Riding on the wrong side may save you a little fuel and time, but it can cause disaster on the road. Make sure that you always use the right way, especially on a highway. Even if using the wrong way is necessary, do not ever use the fastest lane as many cars use the lane to overtake.

Few things to take care while riding on the Indian highways:

  • Slowest lane is the safest for the bike riders, always use the left lane while on the highways.
  • Use a full face helmet and keep the visor closed, many insects or dust may enter eyes and can cause problems.
  • Don’t follow and get shielded by bigger vehicles as they block the view of the road ahead. If they stop suddenly due to an emergency, you will not have enough time to brake.
  • Keep away from sand, hay and brick carriers on the road. Such trucks or tractors release a lot of small particles that can enter your eyes and make you uncomfortable.
  • Keep distance from the other vehicles. Motorcycle brakes are good, but cars can stop at a shorter distance, do not tailgate a car on the highways.