Why everyone loves the bold Baleno from NEXA

The NEXA Baleno is one of the most premium hatchbacks that Maruti Suzuki sells in India, and the boldly styled car has been running rings around competition ever since it was launched. Now, let’s take a quick look at why exactly everyone’s buying the bold Baleno by the truckload.

Built for the bold, young & image conscious…

Why everyone loves the bold Baleno from NEXA

A key factor for the NEXA Baleno’s popularity among the masses is its bold looks, aided in good measure by the liquid flow design of the car that gives it a distinct street presence from every angle. Up front, the automatic LED projector headlamps and LED daytime running lights (DRLs) give the car an expression of confidence and assertiveness, traits that rub off directly on its owners. Head turning yet timeless looks of the car aided by the precision cut twin tone alloys fit right into the style quotient of image conscious, young car buyers. These factors come together to give both the Baleno and its buyer a bold and outgoing personality, making them quite admired among their respective peers.

Suave, and classy on the inside…

Why everyone loves the bold Baleno from NEXA

The NEXA Baleno has everything that high achievers strive for in a car. Spacious on the inside, the Baleno embodies premiumness and allows its occupants to really stretch out and experience great comfort. There’s a long list of features that give Baleno owners a distinct edge. From the multi-information display that beams out all the relevant information that the driver needs to the reverse parking camera that allows for safe yet convenient parking, the Baleno underscores sophistication. Key aspirational bits on the car include its ever-so-convenient steering mounted controls, the UV cut glass that keeps harmful sun rays away, and the NEXA safety shield with twin airbags and ABS that ensures top notch safety always.

Tech-packed for the active and energetic generation

Why everyone loves the bold Baleno from NEXA

Young, active and energetic, the typical Baleno buyer strives for top-notch performance and cutting edge technology. The bold Baleno delivers this in spades. Take for example the twin engine options of the car in the forms of the 1.2 liter VVT and the 1.2 liter Dualjet, Dual VVT engine. Both engines are highly regarded for their performance, reliability and fuel efficiency. This fits right into the equation of the Baleno buyer, who wants to be a leader in technology adoption and gain respect among peers. The Baleno offers the first-in-segment smart technology, making it a true leader in its class, while the CVT automatic technology ensures unparalleled convenience on the road. Then you have the Smart Play studio infotainment unit that makes the car much loved among the highly ambitious smartphone generation.

The NEXA experience, specially crafted for those who value recognition

Maruti Suzuki’s NEXA sales and service platform has been carefully crafted to give buyers an exceptional sales and service experience. NEXA serves up classy cars for the upwardly mobile Indian, just the kind of the owner who’d bring home the bold Baleno. Aimed at discerning buyers who value recognition, NEXA not just ensures a memorable sales experience through its tech-packed, sophisticated outlets but also delivers a great service experience that leaves customers coming back. The Baleno is a beneficiary of the exceptional customer centric-ism of the NEXA chain, leading to strong sales, year after year.

Over 9 lakh customers and counting…

The stylish Baleno has been setting sales record after sales record, completely demolishing competition, and has only been growing stronger with each passing month. The utter domination of the Baleno in India’s premium hatchback segment is synonymous with the kind of leadership its buyers aim to exude. Bold looks, cutting edge technology and above all, rock solid reliability are some of the many factors that make the NEXA Baleno such a popular car among India’s young car buyers, confident people who strive to lead rather than follow.