Unaware Cops Making Life Difficult for Indian Motorcycle Enthusiasts! [Videos]

All the bikers guys out there must have had faced some sort harassment from Police at some point of time. Now most of the time, Policemen do their duty and try to maintain law and order on the roads. However, there have been many cases which show the ugly side of the picture. Bikers have been booked for illogical reasons apart from false cases just to make some extra bucks. This is the reason that the biking fraternity across the country has been agitated by the attitude of many policemen towards them. Here are 5 such cases which justify the anger of these bikers against the Police. However, note that not all cops are the same and a small section of them are responsible for giving a bad name to the whole force.

Overspeeding challan at 55 km/h!

Starting off with one of the most common issues that bikers face, this biker was stopped by cops midway through his journey. One of the policemen then mounts the pillion seat and directs the bike towards the police station. According to them, the rider was overspeeding and hence was stooped for a challan. But going by the video, we see that he didn’t cross the speed limit and the maximum speed he was found doing was 55 km/h. He was later released when the policemen got to know of the camera which was recording all the action, but not before having to pay some fine.

Factory fitted LED lamps illegal!

This case happened recently and had us in splits. What happens here is that a cop in Kolkata fined a TVS Apache RR310 owner for the factory-fitted LED headlamps of the TVS Apache RR310. According to him, they are illegal because they allegedly dazzle other motorists, and cause accidents. Absurd? Well, that’s exactly what the police officer’s reasoning is. The rider argues that the LED headlamps on the TVS Apache RR310 are factory-fitted and that they’re RTO approved. To let you know, any vehicle that is available for sale in the market has gone through all legal provision checks among other things before the design is passed. So there is no chance of the bike’s headlight being illegal. However, later the camera is switched off and a challan of Rs. 100 is issued before that.

Riding with full protective gear = Racing & Stunting

Now serious bikers know the importance of wearing protective riding gear apart from helmets and most of them follow that whenever on road. However, some cops had other ideas regarding protective gears and they took it for granted that they must be racing and indulging in other illegal road practices. However, the irony here is that one of the riders accused of racing was on a Honda Navi, while the other two bikes were a Hero Passion and Royal Enfield Classic. The cops go on to baffle us when they say that they are wearing riding shoes and helmets which translates into ‘Riding’. According to the cops, riding meant racing and stunting and he used the word in the same reference during the course of this video.

Own Fault but fine the bikers

This video here again shows the arrogance of cops when dealing with bikers. The two guys riding in this video are stopped by cops for traffic violation. What happened is that the cop car took a sudden turn while the biker was coming from the back. If you see the video, it is very clear that the fault was on the police side as the cop car suddenly took the turn, endangering the life of the bikers coming from the side. The cops later stop them and ask them to follow them to the station and seem quite angry. However, upon learning that the proceedings were being recorded on the camera, they cooled off. The head cop then demanded an apology from the bikers and left.

Helmets mounted with Action cams are illegal!

Is this Justice guys😶 ?kerala police says using action camera on bikes are illegal😂😂. Got harrased enough just for carrying a gopro😫😫 ..

Muhammed Ismail M ಅವರಿಂದ ಈ ದಿನದಂದು ಪೋಸ್ಟ್ ಮಾಡಲಾಗಿದೆ ಬುಧವಾರ, ಅಕ್ಟೋಬರ್ 11, 2017

This one is another baffling case. This rider was stopped by the cops at a barricade. They then discover a helmet mounted GoPro and become curious. The cop tells the senior about the camera and how everything is being recorded. To this, the senior police personnel who was sitting inside the police van calls Muhammed and asks him to remove the helmet. Muhammed obliges and hands the helmet to the senior cop who investigates the helmet from all angles. The Kerala cop goes on to say that it is illegal to record or use a camera on a motorcycle and threatens to issue a challan on the basis of the motorcycle being altered. However, after some argument, the cops issue a challan for not having rear view mirrors on his motorcycle instead of the camera.