Why is this Suzuki Hayabusa priced at just Rs. 2.5 lakhs? [Video]

The Suzuki Hayabusa is among the most iconic bikes on sale in India. The ‘Dhoom’ bike, as it is popularly known, is also the top-selling superbike in India because of its comparatively lower price (Rs. 13.74 lakhs, ex-showroom) and high performance. However, that is still quite a big amount for most of us mere mortals who only think of owning such a superbike someday. But what if you could get a Hayabusa for just Rs. 2.5 lakhs! Tempting, we know. The video below by The HASSAN ROADSTERS shows a Suzuki Hayabusa which can be had for just Rs. 2.5 lakhs.

Before you grow suspicious, let us tell you that this is actually a replica bike. The blue and white Hayabusa here is built upon a Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 and the total cost of this modification is around Rs. 2.50 lakhs. It has been made by GS Customs in Delhi who in past have made several such superbike replicas. Now we know that this Busa here can nowhere reach the performance levels of the real Falcon (read Hayabusa) but at least it offers the visual drama for people who can’t afford the Rs. 13 lakh plus price tag of the big 1340 cc motorcycle.

Talking about the modified Hayabusa here, the mod job done on it is actually quite neat and a regular person would have a hard time telling it apart from the original bike when on a standstill. However, the exhaust note is a clear giveaway as the single cylinder engine of the Pulsar NS200 can’t match the roar of the in-line four on the Busa. The modifiers, though, have tuned the exhaust for a much more growly note and it certainly sounds much better than the stock Pulsar NS200.

Why is this Suzuki Hayabusa priced at just Rs. 2.5 lakhs? [Video]

The instrument cluster and other body panels have been mimicked quite accurately on this bike. The whole bodywork is new and the swingarm has been extended to match the dimensions of the Suzuki Hayabusa. The tires too have been replaced and dual discs have been placed on the front wheel to complete the look.

The NS 200 is powered by a 199.5 cc liquid cooled engine that churns out 23.2 Bhp of power along with 18.3 Nm of torque. On the contrary, the Suzuki Hayabusa gets powered by an in-line four-cylinder, liquid-cooled, engine that has a displacement of 1340 cc. The engine produces a maximum power of 197 Bhp at 9,500 rpm along with a peak torque of 155 Nm at 7,200 rpm and comes mated to a six-speed transmission. That’s quite a huge difference to say the least but looking on the brighter side, the fuel efficiency of this custom mad Hayabusa is much better than the original bike.

Why is this Suzuki Hayabusa priced at just Rs. 2.5 lakhs? [Video]

Moreover, the stock Suzuki Hayabusa weighs is quite heavy as it weighs 268 Kg. Most of this weight comes from the engine and transmission which are quite hefty units. However, the weight of this custom made Busa would be much less due to the lightweight engine and other mechanical components. Don’t expect any sort of performance here though, folks. As the popular saying goes, there is no replacement for displacement and hence no amount of weight saving can cover for the lack of nearly 170 Bhp here.

The general phrase used is ‘Wolf in sheep’s clothing’. However, here it would be more apt to put it as ‘Sheep in wolf’s clothing’. The mod guys definitely deserve a thumbs up for the high-quality replica they have made. Also, don’t be surprised if you see a random guy passing you on a Hayabusa now, he might be riding one of these aesthetic surgery mod bikes.