Why is this Toyota Land Cruiser luxury SUV being pulled by Donkeys?

A car is called a lemon if it has too many problems that leaves its owner bewildered and the manufacture unsure on what to fix and what to leave alone. Such cars are said to be either poorly assembled or suffering from bad quality parts that have somehow passed quality control. Some countries in the West have strong anti-lemon laws that protect the car buyer from such cars by awarding refunds or full replacements. In India though, we’re yet to have such a law. What we do have though is a lot of creativity to vent out our frustration. An Indian owner of a Toyota Land Cruiser, fed up with frequent repairs needed on this SUV, took to a unique way of expressing his displeasure.

Toyota Land Cruiser pulled by donkeys 1

Tushar Ghelani, a builder from Surat, got his Toyota Land Cruiser pulled by a bunch of donkeys to register his protest and get Toyota Kirloskar Motors Limited to take notice of his problems and respond. Now, the Land Cruiser is the flagship vehicle of the Japanese automaker in India, and the luxury SUV sells for a princely 1.19 crore rupees, and this is the ex-showroom price. To give you a perspective of how expensive this vehicle actually is to run, how about a yearly insurance premium of 8 lakh rupees? Other than costing a lot to buy and insure, the Land Cruiser is known as one of the most reliable luxury SUVs of the world.

Toyota Land Cruiser pulled by donkeys 2

So, it comes as somewhat of a surprise when one of this made-in-Japan SUVs ends up as very unreliable in Indian conditions. In fact, a lot of celebrities and politicians favour the Land Cruiser, betting on its reliability and fuss free luxury. In India, the SUV is sold with a seven seat layout and comes straight from Japan. The vehicle uses a 4.5 liter V8 turbo diesel engine with outputs of 262 Bhp and 650 Nm. A six speed automatic gearbox drives all four wheels of the SUV through a full-time all wheel drive system. The Land Cruiser uses a ladder frame chassis and is also very capable off the road, luxury pretensions notwithstanding.

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